Changes: FrontLine 2015

Nov 5, 2014

General Clive Addy steered this magazine throughout its first nine formative years; following in his footsteps will be a distinct honour. Throughout the many years of service to his country, he has given much. Upon retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces, he found a unique way to continue to serve his country – he used this magazine as a vehicle to promote awareness of the need to enhance national security. It is with pleasure that I have accepted the position of incoming Executive Editor of FrontLine Security magazine.

There are a few changes that I will be bringing in as the new executive editor that I hope will enhance an already well respected and important magazine.

The most obvious change will be to add the word “Safety” to the title. This added emphasis on Public Safety is intended to be more reflective of what FrontLine has been exploring over the years as a publication designed to focus the attention of its readers not just on security matters but on information that will make us all safer.

Under the auspices of becoming  more safe and secure, expect over the coming year to see an expansion in scope of coverage to more widely reflect this important mandate. Articles for example on food safety, personal safety, workplace safety, and technology development for safety, will be added to the usual security-related articles that FrontLine readers have come to expect.

We anticipate that  articles on best practices in safety management will be of particular interest to hospitals and first responders (emergency medical, fire and police services) – those for whom keeping us safe and secure is the primary goal of their job as well as an area of high personal interest. Expect this change to be more evident as the year progresses.

The more traditional security articles that FrontLine is well respected and known for will still be important to this magazine; and readers can expect a ­continuation of excellent coverage of the all-hazards-approach to managing and mitigating manmade and natural disasters of all kinds.

Outreach through partnerships and a Board of Advisors will be another personal priority. Over the next six months, I will be putting together a Board of Advisors for the magazine. This Board will be composed of experts in safety and security who can advise the magazine on matters that are important in their area and will generate the kinds of material that are important to their constituency. I currently have commitments from representatives from academe, police, government, security associations, and am actively on the lookout for a few other sectors. The Board will formally be introduced to you in the coming issues.

These changes I hope will broaden the appeal of an already well respected magazine by increasing the relevance to a broader base of readers. FrontLine Safety and Security will become even more valuable information forum on safety and security to those whose job it is to provide response in times of crisis; to the providers of products and services; and those involved in planning, policy, regulation, and funding.

Jonathan Calof, Executive Editor
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