DEW Engineering

Jul 23, 2020

DEW Engineering and Development is a leading Canadian defence company with a 40+ year history of success in designing, testing, manufacturing and delivering a broad range of armour and defence equipment from its plants in Ottawa, Ontario and Miramichi, New Brunswick. Expertise developed in the home market is now being exploited in different export markets. 

Armour. DEW is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of advanced lightweight composite armour systems for armoured, logistics and police vehicles, and is the largest manufacturer of composite vehicle armour in North America. Over 24,000 vehicles have been equipped with DEW armour that has saved the lives of countless Canadian, US and allied soldiers and police officers. Specific armour products include: Add-on Armour, spall liner, transparent armour, blast armour and ballistic truck cabs. DEW also offers police car door and window armour. As a Canadian company, all DEW products are completely ITAR-free.

DEW vehicle

With a focus on quality, DEW’s equipment product portfolio covers three key categories. 

  • Ground Mobility equipment includes: military truck completions, cargo and special purpose trailers, military vehicle rebuild, re-role and life extension, aviation ground support equipment, and over snow systems. 
  • Shelter Systems include: hard wall and containerized mission systems; soft wall tent systems; and armoured shelters. 
  • Special Equipment Systems include: artillery ammunition storage and handling, Navy ready ammunition storage lockers, small arms brass certification, environmental control units, field space heaters, air purification and filtration, field water heaters, CBRN decontamination, deployable waste water storage and treatment, and portable hand wash stations. Other special equipment includes: canteens, generators, vehicle components and spares, bridge and gap crossing systems, tactical lighting systems, naval ship-borne systems and components and cargo containers.

Strategically, DEW offers Key Industrial Capa­bili­ties in Arctic Security, Armour, Protecting the Soldier, Training Systems and In-Service Support, and is totally committed to supporting the Canadian Armed Forces in achieving mission success at home and abroad with quality armour and military equipment. 

In Canada, DEW is considered a Small and Medium Business/Enterprise and can provide significant Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITBs) to foreign companies seeking a Value Proposition (VP) when pursuing Canadian defence opportunities. 

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DEW Engineering
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