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Mar 15, 2009

Much has been occurring in the world of FrontLine Security this spring… some fresh, some less. We are pleased that the federal government has awakened to the seriousness and broad scope of Cyber Security threats and is preparing a policy (hopefully P-3) on this matter, as recently announced by Minister Peter Van Loan. We wish him well with this, and trust that it won’t fall into the “never-ending-meeting-resolve-nothing” route of the “Working Towards” strategy on Critical Infrastructure Security released last year.

It is also refreshing to know this month that, after seven-plus years since 11 September 2001, a recently announced information exchange agreement between the RCMP and Transport Canada might result in more accurate security clearances for personnel working in critical secure areas of our airports.

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We begin this issue with the interview of Assistant Commissioner Bud Mercer of the RCMP who will shed light on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Security coordination and preparations following two major exercises recently. Edward Vinciguerra brings us up to date on some interesting CBRN simulation work conducted by Lockheed Martin that should interest our First Responders and Emergency Preparedness audience at all levels. On preparedness, André Fecteau presents us an interesting preview of the medical work and organization for 2010 in Vancouver.

We are pleased to bring a follow on to the work of the Red Cross last year in support of the New Brunswick floods. We hope that the lessons learned will not need to be repeated this year on the St. John River or in Winnipeg.

Our keynote article is sure to generate feed-back. This excellent work by Angela Gendron entitled “When Faith becomes a Political Force” sheds a very bright light on the issue of fundamentalist Terrorism. Canada is well advised to heed the potential of this non-state world-wide intolerant threat, as underlined by U.S. President Obama in his address to NATO, and to coordinate its immediate mitigation and eventual elimination. Recent blunt testimony on this by the Commissioner Bill Elliot of the RCMP and the recently tabled report to the House of Commons by Jim Judd, the Director CSIS reinforce this state of urgency.

We welcome also another interesting submission by Peter Avis on the very applicable security policy model of Gateways and Corridors.

An opinion follows on the aftermath of the Unilateral Declaration of Independence of Kosovo in 2007 by Christopher Bobyn. It bears reflection as our concern with failed states and with international terrorism and crimes, such as drugs and piracy, demand we pay special attention to the results and need for responsible follow-up of our international help and interventions. Afghanistan after 2011?

Vincent Dunn, an experienced American firefighter and Deputy Fire Chief, gives us a taste of “sizing up” a major fire and suggests some hints from his recent book on this matter. We then get the latest developments from Cpl Jacques Brunelle of the RCMP on Airport Watch, the trained volunteers that augment the security and safety of our major airports through responsible and organized surveillance.  

David Gewirtz, who we interviewed in our pages last summer, submits a provocative commentary on the potential dangers of social networking.

Finally, Scott Newark’s Last Word goes after the “politically over-correct” and drives home what he views as our responsibilities as citizens of a secular democratic country, based on the realities outlined earlier by Angela Gendron.

We look forward to submissions on Emergency Management by the governments of British Columbia and Ontario for our summer edition.

I thank all contributors and welcome new submissions from experts on all ­matters of security and safety. We also encourage sponsorship of your products and services. Have a good read.

Clive Addy, Executive Editor
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