Innovation 2018 Introducing FLIP

May 18, 2018

It’s time to take on new challenges and bring tomorrow to the fore. Now, more than ever before, the world looks to innovation as a way forward – and FrontLine intends to create a key platform for highlighting the best and brightest innovative products, services, and visions.

In this innovation mission,FrontLine aligns with the goals of government, industry, academia, and the armed forces – to make this a safer, more secure, and more efficient world.

FrontLine’s reputation for integrity will govern our efforts to provide publicity to the companies that are making a difference with game-changing advances. As we takes the lead in highlighting innovation, we will bridge the gap to include small to medium sized companies looking to break into the Canadian Defence and Security supply chain.

Adrian meets with ISED Minister Navdeep Bains to discuss how innovation is driving Canada’s success story.

We will bring you the very latest news directly from the top, with in depth interviews – diving deeper into the world of requirement and ethics within innovation. Connecting with politicians and decision-makers within the federal government – such as the departments of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, Transport Canada, Health Canada, and many others – is beneficial for both SMEs and large corporations.

FrontLine Safety and Security will also increase its topic range to include the Transportation and Oil and Gas sectors in particular – launching a new awareness for innovation within these markets. This is an evolving and rapidly changing landscape, from the pipelines, vertical take off transportation, and hyper speed transit, just to name a few we are already involved with in preparation for launching our summer edition. Please reach out if you are innovating in these fields.  

Our Fall edition, will launch a special FrontLine Innovation Platform(FLIP) across multiple industries related to safety & security. This will include cyber, health, infrastructure, protection, rescue, surveillance, transportation and more. 

Contact me for information on how your company can be included in the FLIP. We vow to bring great companies into the spotlight and draw the attention of large corporations, heads of government, and others with great influence in your industry. 

This is an open invitation to contact us with your ideas, your visions, and your goals to innovate progress with your unique element, making a difference for generations. 

Adrian Obst, Director International Business Development & Correspondent, FrontLine Safety & Security 
mobile: 1-343-999-4740