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Sep 29, 2019

Knowing that a serious event can result in the loss of millions of dollar in assets, it’s no wonder that planning and strategizing for disaster recovery and resumption of operations (a.k.a. business continuity), are of crucial importance for any organization – and when it comes to the military, failure at any level can result in far graver consequences.

In this modern age, we have become increasingly dependent on the vast and complex IT infrastructure that permeates all of our daily activities – 5G networks, Internet of Things (IoT) environments, Fintech platforms, and so on. As that list continues to grow, the risks related to information technology infrastructure from cyber threats represent a constant and major risk to military and national security operations.
Some companies, like IXTROM Group, are developing innovative solutions to help planners as they continually adapt to effectively withstand these intricate cyber challenges.

In its quest to develop an integrated Continuity of Operations (COOP) platform, for the military in particular, IXTROM looked specifically at how the “military ecosystem” works. Similar to business continuity plans, the COOP has been used in military industries for decades. It ensures continuity of operations, capabilities, and critical services – and different areas of protection such as: joint task force for unit deployment, critical infrastructure, mission-critical facilities and systems, and the protection of the higher chain of command – to ensure the integrity of command and control, and to safeguard the links between the Canadian Armed Forces, the Department of National Defence and the Government of Canada.     

IXTROM's core philosophy is to develop state-of-the-art solutions that address vital needs and manage complex situations for mission success.
One recent development for the military is its BCRP (Business Continuity and Resumption Plan). This complete COOP system supports the centralization and connection of policies, controls, authority guidance, assessment of threats, mission-critical facilities and systems, dependency mapping, mission-critical continuity and recovery plans and strategies, incident management, communications, modeling and simulation, performance metrics, audit programs, and stakeholder identification. With this BCRP, leaders are able to prioritize potential mission-critical targets within a wide range of activities.

A military Operations Order (OPORD) is a directive issued by a commander and triggers subordinate unit leadership to develop orders that will achieve the desired outcome of a specific operation. OPORDs usually follow a five-paragraph format to organize the briefing, to ensure completeness, and to ensure subordinates understand the order completely. The five paragraph headings are: Situation; Mission; Execution; Service Support; and Command and Signal.

IXTROM’s BCRP system is designed to easily create, manage and incorporate OPORDs as part of a COOP program. Its smart dashboard creates a Common Operating Picture (COP) of your COOP program and allows the user to determine what is most critical, to set mission objectives, and to focus on increasing resilience along multiple lines of effort.

IXTROM has made it easy to build, manage and test Continuity of Operations Planning and Strategies with advanced modeling and simulation services incorporated into the BCRP, and makes training quick to set up and execute (from planning to concluding lessons learned).
Users can perform exercises as often as required for complete preparedness, and start mitigating vital threats immediately.

The use of flow-charts, templates and dynamic communication channels to develop a program, transmit plans early and often, and leverage real-time information on the progress and status of your COOP program are one small component of the  innovations in the BCRP.

Advanced and intuitive BCRP tools, coupled with secure, role-based access, allow full customization of user permissions and complete traceability of all actions to comply with the military information management policies.

Users can empower all levels of personnel by sharing the right information with the right people – keep them updated and always ready to address any mission objective. Using this system, any individual within any military organization will know exactly what their job is, how to do it, and what prioritization should be given to the tasks and goals assigned to them.

IXTROM has been at the forefront of systems innovation for over a decade. IXTROM and their industry partners offer state-of-the-art commercial and government off-the-shelf technologies to deliver affordable and operationally effective solutions to solve the toughest problems and implement best practices.

As a Top Innovator, IXTROM’s approach is to build technologies that work together and interact seamlessly with other data and technical environments regardless of the differing IT structures and engineering requirements of their clients.


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