Ottawa Paramedic Treatment & Rehabilitation Unit

Nov 15, 2008

The Ottawa Paramedic Service purchased this specialized unit in the summer of 2007. Built by Nova Bus Corporation in Saint-Eustache Québec, this 40 foot-long vehicle is a vital tool deployed at scenes of large-scale incidents such as structure fires, multi-vehicle collisions, hazardous material incidents and the many special events (like festivals and Canada Day events) that take place in the nation’s capital throughout the year. 

Normally staffed with two paramedics, it has been specifically designed to render on-site medical rehabilitation. Aboard this unique vehicle, paramedics assess, treat and rehabilitate patients on scene with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of patient transports to hospitals thus minimizing operational impact on front-line paramedic resources.

The Treatment Rehabilitation Unit has the capacity to rehabilitate and or treat three stretcher-bound patients with the additional capacity to accommodate several more ambulatory patients. The vehicle’s technical conversion from bus to an emergency mobile medical rehabilitation unit was undertaken by the National Research Council Canada’s Centre for Surface Transportation Technology unit in Ottawa, Ontario and is equipped with multi-port wall-mounted oxygen flow meters, medical suction units and shelving for a variety of medical equipment like defibrillators. 

For more information, contact Jean-Pierre Trottier at the Ottawa Paramedic Service 613-580-2424 x 22483