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Apr 18, 2017

One shot. One hit.

The SMASH from Smart Shooter is a revolutionary add-on fire control system for assault rifles. It enables any shooter, regardless of skill, to precisely hit any stationary or moving target, by day or by night, with their first shot. SMASH employs sophisticated computer vision algorithms and electro-optic technology to significantly increase hit probability, while reducing collateral damage even when shooting under stressful tactical conditions, or at night, or in adverse weather conditions. This improved accuracy enables the operator to engage and eliminate targets at longer ranges before facing hostile return fire.

As an external lightweight system, SMASH can be integrated with almost any existing assault rifle. No special ammunition is required.
SMASH is user friendly and intuitive to operate. It requires minimal training to use and greatly reduces the overall training resources needed to train soldiers or law enforcement officers to be effective shots.

SMASH can record high-resolution images and video from the shooter’s eyepiece, allowing enhanced mission debriefings. In training, the media downloaded can be used to assess and improve operator performance.

See SMASH and other Smart Soldier Solutions at Twenty20 Insight’s CANSEC booth 728. We’ll get you on target.

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