Defence Procurement: it’s the Government’s duty to get things moving.

The Changing Nature of Power and Polarity in the International System.

The Cameron Highlanders hope to participate in a number of celebrations to mark key events in Canadian ­history. To make that happen, the Foundation is seeking to raise $125,000. Find out why.

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FrontLine readers are, no doubt, aware of the numerous critiques of the Government’s support, administration and care of those who serve our nation in uniform. Will the new trio of heavy hitters be able to reset the much-criticized portfolio of Veterans Affairs Canada?

Getting many new ship builds underway through cooperation with key government departments, ­managing operations with reduced fleets, finding innovative ways to train enough new recruits, and the daunting task of overhauling navy culture, are all key priorities on the Admiral’s plate.

CBRNE defense, and especially preventive measures, are becoming much more internationally focused.

Unexpected new deployments to Iraq created some imperatives that helped pave the way for new RAAF efficiencies.

The CDA Institute calls for policy reviews for key political and economic areas: foreign, trade, aid, security, and defence.

Aspects that focus on streamlining the process appear the least advanced.