Exercise Maple Resolve

Canadian, American and British Army soldiers sharpen their skills in a realistic, complex, and challenging operating environment called Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE. This year’s training, which ran from April 20 to May 23, is the largest and most complex effort to date. The ­various exercises are designed to test and validate the readiness of participating units to deploy to anywhere in the world.

Approximately 5,200 Canadian Army ­soldiers and 700 Royal Canadian Air Force members were involved. Most of the Army personnel come from the designated high-readiness Task Force from 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, based in ­Valcartier, Quebec. The majority of RCAF personnel came from 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, Valcartier, and 450 Tactical ­Helicopter Squadron, Kingston. Allied ­participation included 700 American troops from 22 units of the U.S. Army, Army Reserves, and National Guard. The 150 British soldiers participating in the ­exercise were from the Scots Guards. (Photos: Cplc Simon Duchesne, Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE)

Approximately 6,750 military personnel from the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the United States and the United Kingdom practiced their responses to conventional and other threats in a joint, integrated, whole-of-government and multinational environment.

The annual exercise focuses on “conducting full spectrum operations in order to prepare them for future missions,” notes Major-General Jean-Marc Lanthier, Commander of the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC).

Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE is planned and managed by the CADTC, which is headquartered in Kingston, Ontario. The Centre focuses on assuring the intellectual development of soldiers and conducts exercises across the country at various sites.

Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE is considered the pinnacle of the Army’s yearly training. Hosted by the Canadian Manœuvre Training Centre, it is the final validation exercise before a Task Force is declared ready to deploy on either domestic or international operations.

Located in Wainwright, Alberta, the Canadian Manœuvre Training Centre reports to the CADTC and facilitates the design and execution of immersive collective training opportunities for the Canadian Army and the Canadian Armed Forces. This training provides a realistic and challenging, full-spectrum, contemporary operating environment, which enables learning and confirmation for designated high readiness forces.

(Photos: Cplc Simon Duchesne, Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE)

“The Canadian Army trains to build fully deployable and combat effective units able to lead military operations at home and abroad. Each year, Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE validates the state of readiness of our high readiness Task Forces, and I have confidence that once again, the Army will be Strong, Proud and Ready to answer the call of duty,” commented the Commander of the Canadian Army, Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse.
Exercise Maple Caravan
The military will never allow an opportunity to hone skills go to waste, and so, the need to move military vehicles to a major operational exercise becomes a chance to reinforce logistical readiness as a joint operation with American allies. This creates a cost-effective way to manage an important equipment move in support of operational readiness exercise MAPLE RESOLVE.

Large quantities of vehicles have to be transported by road over a great distance – a skill set that is necessary to ensure that modern day militaries are able to adapt to transportation challenges they may encounter in missions at home and abroad.

Approximately 325 members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the United States Army National Guard, and the United States Army Reserve were all involved in moving more than 70 military vehicles and training equipment the approximately 4,000 kilometres from Valcartier, Quebec to Wainwright, Alberta.

Light armoured vehicles from the 3 Battalion R22R conduct road moves in the Primary Training Area of 3 Canadian Division Support Group Wainwright,AB prior to the launch of Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 15. (Photo by: Sgt Dan Shouinard, Maple Resolve 15 LF2015-0025-001)

This effort, dubbed Exercise MAPLE CARAVAN, will repeat itself (in reverse) in June after MAPLE RESOLVE wraps up.
Photos: Cplc Simon Duchesne, Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE
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