The campaign for the 2015 general election has, in fact, been going on ever since the Conservative Party of Canada turned its two parliamentary minorities into its first majority back in May 2011.

While many sports are officially won by points, the outcome is actually determined by quality and performance differences between the opponents. There is a direct correlation with defence procurement.

The Perley and Rideau Veteran's Health Care Centre is examining its funding options.

NATO is intent on maintaining an active role in defending the security of its many member states.

Using global lessons learned, the Brits are re-inventing the large deck carrier.

Does the Canadian Armed Forces Need Military Police for investigations?

With the release of the RFRE, the CSC procurement process has begun to move. FrontLine looks at Warship Designers that are potential contenders for the lucrative contract.

Read about the latest movements of aerospace and defence business executives in influential positions. Contact us to add to our next edition.

From the Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 headquarters in Bahrain, Commodore Brian Santarpia commanded the ships and aircraft of 30 nations in the multinational counter-terrorism task force.

Are recent demonstrations of Russian military prowess just a façade?

Does quality and integrity in journalism matter? Do trade publications do enough to advocate for constructive change with informed commentary? Does the defence and security industry do enough to support the right effort?

Surprisingly, at a recent Foreign Policy conference, there was no specific reference to the role a military capability contributes to defining Canada’s position on the world stage.

The power of sport and camaraderie can rekindle a joie de vivre in PTSD sufferers