Is propping up old platforms for a two-year gap, rather than speeding up procurement of newer alternatives, the best use of scarce resources?

Minister Sajjan’s credentials and influence within cabinet and caucus are going to be tested in the coming months.

Where are they now?

Many years of research has led DND to a world-class system for decontaminating vehicles, military personnel and fighting equipment exposed to CBRN hazards or toxic materials.

Amid the existing Russian threat, Ukraine continues active militarization and strengthening of its national army on a massive scale.

Known as "no-go" zones to police, dozens of areas in France have become “notorious” as enclaves of Muslims who are resisting Western rule of law.

Based on Prime Minister Trudeau’s clear mandates to his new Cabinet ministers, the government is clearly ready to think outside the box when it comes to Defence Procurement.

The need to defend Canada always leads to a discussion of submarines. Now, climate change gives more credence to the need for nuclear-powered submarines.

With strained resources, Ukraine is dependent on foreign assistance and charity to shore-up the financial and technical shortcomings of its war effort.

How much more hybrid can you get than the current situation over Syria? Airpower needs to seamlessly operate in all airspace – uncontested, contestable and contested.

An in-depth update of the NSPS, particularly as it relates to Canada's new Surface Combatants program.