What are our future needs? Have new technologies and threats been considered? Read on for a personal commentary on the replacement program.

Do Canadians know how vulnerable the submarine fiber-optic cables are, and should we protect this critical infrastructure?

The Liberal Government has chosen to step back and make real change rather than incremental adjustments that tend to bog down the system with numerous workarounds...

Leaders think in terms of logistics, but the operational enablers often fall victim to pointy-end procurement programs.

A clear illustration of how the NSPS for CSC has gone overboard in complexity, lacks transparency, and involves a process that puts contenders’ IP at risk.

Becoming a Park Ranger in Africa is more dangerous and like military training than what their counterparts in North America have to prepare for.

The best approach to any policy review should be as wide ranging and transparent as possible, and ideally anchored to clear foreign and domestic policies.

Defence industry notes and DND appointments.

These last few years have seen a flurry of activity. The bids have now been submitted – finally setting the stage for first delivery of new aircraft. FrontLine looks at the process and the contenders.

Air dominance needs to be established and ensured, rather than assumed.

Does Canada need to retain this capability, and how many ships do we really need?

Having nuclear weapons clearly creates its own level of deterrence among nuclear powers, great or newer. Is there a risk of such weapons falling into terrorist hands?

Several issues facing the Prime Minister and his still-fledgling government fall into the damned if you do, damned if you don’t category. Then there’s the Middle East.