A mix of good news, pleasant surprises and disappointing news for Canada’s military. The budget actually contained several noteworthy defence related items.

Canada is not alone in suffering serious naval equipment design and procurement problems. The list of dilemmas that effect naval procurement around the world is long and varied. 

WWII Spitfire and Hurricane pilot epitomizes the dedication and humility of wartime service.

U.S. Admiral Gortney talks of the need to widen the scope of the NORAD/NORTHCOM role.

Who's Where, Defence Industry Notes; new Nortrax facility; GE to power Japan's Aegis destroyers.

StratCom cannot erase the outcomes of bad policy and poor operational execution. A look at the successes and shortcomings of NATO Strategic Communications during the ISAF mission.

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter,” said Winston Churchill. The question is, should politicians make more effort to educate the "average voter" on issues related to national defence?

As Canada seeks to redefine its role in world affairs, perhaps it’s time to look at new alternatives to the way Canada can respond in the humanitarian role.

The Russian Ministry of Defence plans to significantly accelerate R&D activities.

A full-time biochemist for Transport Canada is a part-time soldier in the Canadian Army.

Does a Defence Review always have to precede a recession? Rather than raise expectations and dash them with subsequent economic reality, consider reversing the defence review process.

Establishing a strong partnership between the Government and the Canadian Defence Industry should be an ongoing priority for the new Liberal Government given that Canada's defence sector will be an important part of its economic recovery.

What happens the day after the government announces its policy statement?

Pinpointing tangible ways and means to strengthen the Army Reserve.

Safeguarding the Canadian way of life is the prime directive of government. Are politicians taking steps to ensure Canadians understand the issues that can affect their future security?

The RCN has identified a clear need for new boats with tactical capabilities, here's why.

DND’s 2015 Report on Suicide Mortality in the CAF (1995-2014) shows that during the 20-year study period, 225 regular force males died by suicide. What is Health Services doing about that?