The most important lesson the Trudeau government should take away from Brexit is take advice from informed sources.

The expanding threat environment, with a particular focus on Canada’s preparations to mitigate and recover from disruptions (natural & human), was explored at a conference organized by the Royal Canadian Military Institute, ­entitled “Are We Prepared?”

In Memoriam; Who’s Where in Industry and DND; and Change of Commands in the Canadian Armed Forces.

If the C-27J Spartan is chosen to become the nation’s next fixed-wing search-and-rescue (FWSAR) aircraft, the mission of DRS Technologies Canada will be to help make that challenge more manageable.

For those who thought Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) was dead, its time to wake up to the fact that submarine numbers worldwide have increased by some 100 boats over the past decade.

Obligations to shareholders and the ­markets are all very nice and, frankly, understandable. But what about ­obligations to taxpayers everywhere who ultimately foot the bills?

A look at Australia’s final choice to build a new class of advanced-­capability diesel/electric-powered submarines. Innovative collaboration is changing the way major procurements are benefitting both buyer and seller.

There is a reason the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine HMCS Windsor and her three sisters, VictoriaCorner Brook and Chicoutimi, carry the imposing moniker of hunter-killer submarines (SSK).

Determined to avoid the ad hoc way in which pieces of a larger system of ­systems are too often selected, the RCN has completed work that will guide a holistic acquisition approach to MUxS.