Canadian soldiers participating in Op Nanook consider the lessons learned.

Russia is in the process of expanding and modernizing its national military aviation fleet (manned and unmanned) by 2020. 

Canadian Signal Officer talks about the Army as an equal opportunity employer.

Peacekeeping is one of the most visible and ostensibly celebrated United Nations activities, but the nature and scope has evolved significantly since 1948.

For a procurement to be legal, it must comply with both the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) and the Government’s Contract Regulations (GCR).

Industry and government representatives from around the world gathered to learn about new naval technologies and concepts. 

A look at the new peace support mission realities as the government considers its UN obligations.

“Who’s Where” and “Industry Notes”. General Belzile (1933-2016)

With a critical role in humanitarian efforts and foreign installations, heavy equipment fleets are put to the test.

Diffusion is happening in an uneven manner, with powerful state and non-state actors vice militarily (where U.S. still dominates).

The year 2016 started out with great promise. First, we had a new and invigorated government...

After two decades of military cuts and reductions, Germany has decided that a rebound in defence spending is in order. 

A new tactical requirement to patrol and protect maritime trade routes has created a resurgence of vessel boardings and searches.