FrontLine has gathered the key industry leaders, project primes and specialized subcontractors who provide Top Quality solutions for the defence sector.

It’s safe to say the Canadian Patrol Frigate Program is the largest Defence project completed in Canada to date. We look at key factors that contributed to successful delivery of 12 Patrol Frigates for the RCN.

There is nothing wrong with being willing to open Canada to more Chinese trade and investment. But in seeking those desirable goals, the government needs to keep a few facts uppermost in mind.

The first objective in the government’s strategy to improve defence procurement is “delivering the right equipment to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Coast Guard in a timely manner.”

Asymmetrical warfare presents a need for Canada to develop its R&D expertise.

China, Finland (Atlas Elektronik, Saab, and Lockheed Martin Canada approved to bid), French FREMM, In Memoriam.

Norway is in an especially interesting and perhaps precarious situation or, put another way, is at the crossroads of 21st century history.

Does Canada face unmanageable simultaneous commitments to NORAD and NATO? The House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence (SCND) recently went In Camera to start drafting its long-awaited report on “Canada and the Defence of North America”, an issue the Members of Parliament have been studying for the better part of a year. Is the air force tripping up on policy changes?

The “wow factor” generally associated with the Royal Canadian Air Force’s annual Demonstration Hornet has gone into afterburner mode in the 2017 iteration which commemorates the country’s sesquicentennial.