The shifting of funds sends a negative signal as we await release of the Defence Policy Review (will it be pre-Summer or not until Fall?).

A bold call for expediting platform replacement and modernization.

The political and military alliance of NATO has stood the test of time for the past 69 years and has expanded into the global commons of cyber, space, the oceans and airspace.

Defence procurement is a dysfunctional system that includes an ever-growing continuum of approvals but has a non-accountability as its goal.

The politico-military alliance, originally envisaged by the US, Britain and Canada in 1947, has grown into today’s soon-to-be 29-nation alliance, but Canada has never led the organization.

Cyber security falls under the heading of ‘defense of the realm’ and is seen as a matter of national security. For Canada’s armed forces, cyber aptitude tests could prove highly valuable.

Connecting platforms, people, sensors and command posts for better decision-making results.

At the heart of a planned strengthening of Russia’s Western military grouping is the revival of the 1st Tank Army.

For at least a decade, China has been developing naval assets, not simply for the defence of its coastal waters, but to project power into the region. 

Students plan and execute Close Air Support missions safely and effectively. 

Soldier On uses the Invictus Games to help rehabilitate soldiers deal with and overcome injuries in a positive manner.

Quantum computing can disrupt the security of network architecture.