A persistent theme in the defence procurement debate is the lack of a single point of accountability. With shared decision-making, responsibility for achieving success lies “everywhere and nowhere”. Can we learn from our allies on possible steps forward?

The Arctic draws global interest for several reasons. Operation Nanook is one of a series of northern deployments that provides the opportunity for the Canadian Armed Forces to be a catalyst to bring partnerships together for common cause and to provide help and assistance when and wherever necessary.

The EU, Netherlands, Norway, Mannarino, BMT, Seaspan, Naval Group, Rheinmetall, UTC, Rockwell Collins, CAF, and the Governor General.

The federal government’s new Defence Policy is both a promising treasure chest and a potential Pandora’s Box of unintended consequences that would leave the Canadian Armed Forces struggling with more than one “capability gap.”

Rather than ‘revisionist’, a more accurate definition for China is that of an exemptionalist power which exempts itself from global rules and processes.

At first, I was satisfied that the Canadian Armed Forces had done their due diligence to discipline five members of the CAF who had disrupted a peaceful Mi’kmaq protest. But boasting of a "win" by the Proud Boys clearly indicates little, if anything, was learned.

The history of marine safety legislation and standards are built on a solid foundation past incidents. Learning from them is an important element of risk management.

Canada’s government is looking at the problem posed by North Korea from the wrong perspective. Extortion is looming as the basis for DPRK's nuclear arsenal.

The space industry’s role in the Canadian economy is significant, including earth observation, communications, robotics, and pure and applied research. 

The rebuilding of Russia’s Northern fleet and its defense bastion built around the Kola Peninsula creates a direct challenge to Norway, and is of strategic interest to all of the Arctic Council States.

Given the public response each time the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) calls for astronaut applications, it is clear that thousands of us feel we possess the necessary qualifications to get into space, however, only a few make it through the selection process.