Adapting to anti-submarine warfare (ASW) requires mastering new technologies that provide capabilities to leverage reachback systems, robust networks, and distributed strike options.

A former MP is revisiting the "detainee" question, suggesting Canadian soldiers committed war crimes when handing captives over to the local authorities.

General James E. Cartwright, former commander United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM), and 8th Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff discusses disruptive potential of hypersonic technology and weapons.

A call for people of honour to raise a united voice and continue an unwaivering fight against those who encourage hatred, fear, and uniformity of thought and appearance and lifestyle. 

Meet BGen Macaulay, the new Commander of reservist-based 5th Canadian Division, the “Army of the Atlantic”.

The Procurement Ombudsman does not have the authority to stop a procurement, cancel a contract, or enforce its recommendations.

Preparing for threats of next four decades will require next generation technologies and that includes the Infrared Search and Track system.

A follow up on the efforts being made to improve mental health and reduce the suicide rate in the Canadian Forces.

Danish government has released a new defence agreement covering the next six years of defense expenditure and planning. It also defines the top two threats to focus on in terms of priorities and spending.

The Air Mobility Training Centre is one of the most advanced and innovative facilities in the world, and is located at CFB Trenton.

Airbus Helicopters, BAE Systems, CAE, Lockheed Martin Canada, L3 Technologies, MDA, and Ultra Electronics

A recent RCAF announcement may impact defence policy, defence procurement, SAR mission effectiveness. Who will answer the SAR community?

A look at how Canadian Diplomats abroad create and maintain the important face-to-face relationships that keep diplomacy working.

Canada has a long and usually proud record in the world of international peacekeeping. But the world has changed, and with it, the nature of the mission. Now called "peace enforcement" – it is very dangerous.

CEO Bruce Samuelson recently spoke with FrontLine about the challenges of designing a warship and the unique skills and knowledge that Alion brings to this project.

As a result of Canada's Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships program requirements, a team of engineers, scientists and technicians from Toronto-based Nanowave Technologies are working on innovative solutions for some of the world’s top defence and aerospace platforms and companies.

The defence budget for 2018 does not indicate a fundamental shift in American defence and security affairs.