Does the Canadian military’s disciplinary tribunal system conform to the spirit of 21st century Canadian expectations of justice and fair treatment?

Defence diplomacy is the means that builds and maintains alliances and partnerships, secures influence and informs broader understanding of the international defence and security environment.

The concept of a “social covenant” is being taken to the Supreme Court of Canada. The BC Court of Appeal decided this solemn obligation does not exist – what will the Supreme Court have to say? Stay tuned.

Canadians accept the ethical responsibility to care for those who have been broken (mentally, physically or both) after being sent into harm’s way to serve the government’s will. The question is, will the courts acknowledge and legislate this moral imperative? The time has come to end this debate and do the right thing.

There are five different types of PTSD, three levels of severity, and as many variations of treatment as there people suffering debilitating effects.

Through its mission to improve the lives of all amputees, including children, The War Amps works to protect the rights of amputee veterans across Canada.

Is NATO preparing to deal with the rise of political autarchy? A look at the options available under current constraints.