NATO SecGen Debate

Is it Time for a Canadian as NATO SecGen?

NATO members traditionally reach a consensus on who should serve when Mr. Jens Stoltenberg's term is up, on 30 Sept 2020. There are no restrictions that would preclude Canada from being considered, however, the position has always been held by a European. Our debaters present vastly differing views on the merits of proposing a Canadian SecGen for 2020. Read on.

  • Arguing the affirmative is Tim Dunne

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is considering the appointment of its 14th secretary general (for 2020) and it appears that Canada, a founding member of NATO and one of the principal architects of the alliance, is not even being considered for the job. Read Tim's submission on this topic here: http://frontline.online/defence/2018/3a/780-NATO-SecGen-Yes

  • Arguing against is Brett Boudreau

The ‘decade of disdain’ for NATO, under the Harper / MacKay / Hillier period, marked a nadir for Canada-Alliance relations. Recently, there have been earnest efforts to repair the bond, but Canada remains far from any serious consideration as the prospective source of a future NATO Secretary-General. Read Brett's submission on this topic here: