Fully operational by mid-August, the Canadian task force is fully involved in logistical support, ferrying UN soldiers around the country in Chinook and Griffon helicopters for “presence projection” missions.

Camp Aftermath’s novel approach to the long-term management of PTSD has attracted the attention of mental health professionals and organizations.

In response to the ongoing political, financial and economic uncertainty and instability, strategists at Germany’s Ministry of Defence developed six possible scenarios and the potential cascading political consequences.

The fusion of technologies between the physical, digital and biological spheres affects every aspect of modern life and is being exploited by Organized Crime – and creates a need for expanded money laundering technologies and techniques.

DND Ombudsman, Management & Program Consultants, L3 Technologies, Ultra Electronics, CAF/NATO.

A recent survey revealed that 81% of first responders and military members suffer some form of mental distress. We look at how psycholo­gical  flexibility can ease the psychological impact of frontline work.

Minister Blair has received his well-defined mandate, and can recommend actions that, if taken, will immediately deliver on his mandate related to Borders, Guns, Gangs and Drugs.

Twitter is reshaping and redefining the rules and boundaries of what is, and what is not, ‘acceptable’ public discourse including by Government communicators faced with the challenge, the opportunity, and the risk of using such technology.

The recent revelation of a decision by Correctional Service Canada begs the question, how many other murderers are being released to spiritual healing lodges rather than serving their full sentences?

The Canadian Surface Combatant program is the largest and most complex procurement to be undertaken by the Canadian Government to date. This program intends to replace the existing frigates and the now-retired destroyers with a fleet of 15 versatile new warships. Let’s look at each of the bidders, the proposed designs, and their teams.