Russian President Vladimir Putin has given a priority for the development of the domestic land and airborne forces in the newly approved state armament program.

Seaspan has selected Lockheed Martin Canada’s modern Command Management System (CMS 330) for the future Protecteur-Class Joint Support Ships (JSS).

Canadian companies are set to vie for attention and contracts as one of the world’s largest military trade shows kicks off this weekend in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff, announced the list of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

Search and Rescue (SAR) has always been an emotional topic because it deals with lives hanging in the balance. Is a contracted service in the best interests of the SAR mandate?

The evolving threats of today and tomorrow have led innovative simulation developers to the next generation of command-level training.

This compelling and informative historical account of the role of naval combat aviation juggles three themes: the story of the Top Gun program, Hollywood’s impact on fighter pilot aviation including of course the iconic movie Top Gun; and finally a history of the evolution of aircraft in a war fighting role. Chapters highlight the origin of the Navy’s fighter pilot program and its rigorous training, interspersed with personal vignettes and anecdotes of the pilots and their lifestyle. The book also reveals some of the many technological advances that transformed aerial combat from WWI to current day.

Able Seaman (AB) Yvette Yong of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) has been named International Military Female Athlete of the Year by the International Military Sports Council (the second largest multi-sport discipline organization in the world).

General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff, issued a CANFORGEN announcing the list of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) General and Flag Officer senior appointments, promotions, and retirements that will occur in 2019.

The Government of Canada is ramping up efforts to ensure that neither the coming election campaign, nor the vote itself, are influenced by malicious, net-based interference.

It’s no secret that governments in power don’t enjoy having their every move scrutinized by the press. After facing progressively more restrictive “message control” going on 14 years now, I suddenly have new hope for the future, and by that I mean for the reader, for the taxpayer, for the concerned citizen. This is important, it’s a good start.

The R9B Innovation Hub being featured at CANSEC 2019, is a platform to celebrate innovative products and services that are designed to help keep Canadians safe and secure, domestically and abroad.