The Government of Canada has been steadily implementing a new approach to the development and procurement of in-service support programs and contracts for military equipment and fleets. What does this mean for industry stakeholders?

A fundraising effort for True Patriot Love exposes a group of intrepid women to the stark beauty and rugged challenges of trekking through Canada's Arctic vistas.

Keep track of career movement of key players in industry and government. This edition includes L3 WESCAM, L3 MAS, TOA Canada, RCMP, J.D. Irving Ltd, PWin Advantage, Seaspan, Lockheed Martin Canada, ADGA, Root9B, CDA Institute, and Dynamic Air Shelters.

Building a presence in the Middle East “is a long-game play,” says CADSI President, Christyn Cianfarani. Canadian companies must be ready for a long investment cycle to gain long-term return.

The 2011 update of the CBRN Strategy was changed into more of a domestic emergency plan than a comprehensive strategy, with the pillar of response emphasized over prevention. The 5-year assessment is overdue.

Global interconnectivity and increasingly complex technologies seem to have seeded the relatively recent concept of

FrontLine has gathered the key industry leaders in the defence and national security sectors. These are the project primes and specialized subcontractors that provide Top Quality solutions for these critical sectors.

Seems like a week doesn’t pass without someone criticizing defence procurement. Not to say some criticism isn’t warranted, but is it broken? No. Could it be improved? Absolutely.

How legislative and regulatory changes will affect future military exports is unclear at this stage, but begs a fundamental question: is it possible to keep the sticky hands of politics out of it?

To get the insider perspective on the future of NORAD and how important Canada’s participation in this effort is, FrontLine spoke to Deputy Commander Lieutenant-General Christopher Coates from his post at NORAD HQ, Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.