Top Defence Capability Leaders 2022

FrontLine has compiled the 2022 key industry leaders in the defence and national security sectors.

The following project primes and specialized subcontractors provide Top Quality Solutions for mission-critical sectors around the globe.

The list below is in alphabetical order. Click on the company names for more information on each of these Top Defence Capability Leaders.

Beretta Defense Technologies / Stoeger Canada – Blue Force & Military Force
By providing military and law enforcement with a unique combination of services, weaponry and equipment, from enhanced tactical clothing to firearms, ammunition, optics and electro-optics, Beretta can match every operational need to cover a wide range of complex scenarios.

Cleeve Technology Inc. – Furthering Made-in-Canada Options
Specializing in “interconnect” – from weapons systems to communications systems, from radar and data acquisition systems to secure internet, or the basics of electrical supply and power distribution – Cleeve has been directly involved in many major projects where “Made-in-Canada” solutions offer huge potential for IRB obligors.

Collins Aerospace – Connected Battlespace
Now a company of Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX), Collins Aerospace remains focused on delivering solutions to military, government and civilian customers to successfully complete their most complex and critical missions. Innovation continues to enhance its capabilities, providing systems and operational solutions with full support capabilities and communications engineering expertise. 

Logistik Unicorp – Combat and Dress Uniforms
With specialized in-house capabilities and constant collaboration with DND, new performance requirements, IT developments, or design improvements can be implemented in a greatly shortened transition span. Agility and international expertise define Logistik’s leading-edge services to deliver more than 2.6 million items annually to the Canadian military – across the country and to troops deployed abroad.