31 May 2023   (CBC)
The RCAF plans to integrate two Airbus A-330s purchased from Kuwait into Trenton-based 4356 Transport Squadron this summer as replacements for its aging A-310s flown as CC-150 Polaris. The immediate plan is to maintain the civilian layout for passenger and cargo operations without a private cabin for prime ministerial transport but at least one will be reconfigured within the next two years.
23 May 2023   (CP)
The Military Police Complaints Commission is looking into how military police handled the sexual-assault allegation against Major-General Dany Fortin, who was cleared of misconduct and acquitted by a Quebec Court last December. Fortin says he was the victim of a biased investigation and the Commission said today that his statements about senior military officials make it a matter of public interest.
23 May 2023   (CTV)
Julianne Smith, the U.S. Ambassador to NATO, says the alliance expects Canada and other alliance members to have a clear plan of how they will meet defence spending targets when they meet July 11-12 in Lithuania. “Negotiations are still underway […] but my prediction is that will focus on making the 2% (of national GDP) target an enduring commitment.”
23 May 2023   (CTV)
Princess Anne wound up a visit to New Brunswick on the weekend, having helped to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the 8th Canadian Hussars, an Army reserve reconnaissance regiment which she has served as colonel-in-chief 1972.
19 May 2023   (CP)
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the other G7 leaders kicked off their summit in Japan today by announcing new sanctions against 17 Russian individuals and 18 “entities” due to human rights abuses in Ukraine. They also announced new funding they said will help to guard against nuclear weapon proliferation.
17 May 2023   (CBC)
The RCAF says delivery of two Airbus A-330 transports, purchased for US$102 million from Kuwait Airways, has been delayed. They were expected last winter but one recently was still operating from Kuwait. The delay is likely due to supply chain issues such as repainting the aircraft, which will be done in France.
12 May 2023   (CP)
The Canadian Armed Forces’ Provost Marshall, Brigadier-General Simon Trudeau, reports that 93 cases of criminal sexual offences have been referred to civilian police since December 2021 and 64 are under investigation. The others were declined and while Trudeau offered no explanation, some police had concerns about the strain on their resources. An additional 97 cases reported to Military Police were not referred outside.
12 May 2023   (CBC)
At the request of the Alberta government, some 200 Canadian Armed Forces personnel have been deployed to help fight wildfires. An additional 100 are expected to join in over the weekend.
11 May 2023   (CBC)
Russia’s two-year term as Arctic Council chair ended today, leaving the body’s role for international collaboration in doubt. Now chaired by Norway, Russia’s leadership waned as the seven other Arctic states suspended cooperation when it invaded Ukraine. “It leaves the concept somewhat in tatters,” a U.S. analyst says. “Russia makes up about half the Arctic. You can't really have an Arctic Council without Russia.”
10 May 2023   (CP)
Defence Minister Anita Anand announced today that Canadian and Latvian personnel will begin training Ukrainian soldiers in Latvia this month tghrough Operational Unifier. She also said that she and her vising Latvian counterpart, Artis Pabriks, discussed plans to surge a CAF-led battle group to NATO brigade status.