23 January 2023   (CTV)
The Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Fredericton and its crew left Halifax January 22 on a six-month deployment to Operation Reassurance in the Mediterranean along with another frigate, HMCS Montreal, and the support ship HMCS Asterix. ““There absolutely is a heightened sense of urgency,” said Rear-Admiral Brian Santarpia, Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic and Joint Task Force Atlantic. “They will monitor Russian activity on a daily basis.
23 January 2023   (CP)
The federal government hopes to have domestic commercial space launch facilities within the next three years. “For many years, Canadian satellites have launched from sites in other countries,” Transport Minister Omar Alghabra explained January 20, adding that the government would begin developing the regulatory requirements, safety standards and licensing conditions. He also said the government is ready to approve private-sector launches in the interim on a case-by-case basis.
23 January 2023   (CP)
Federal Court Justice Henry Brown has ruled that four Canadian men held in Syrian camps are entitled to the federal help to return home and that the government should not only provide them with the necessary travel documents but also assign a representative to travel to Syria to facilitate their release.
19 January 2023   (CBC)
Oleg Stepanov, Russia’s ambassador to Canada since last March, was called on the carpet by Foreign Affairs Minister January 18 over his country’s missile strike on an apartment building in southeastern Ukrainian. At least 45 persons were killed in the Dnipro attack and Joly condemned “the sheer brutality of Russia's recent attacks against civilians.”
19 January 2023   (Ottawa Citizen)
Six months after stating in November 2020 that it was shutting down collection of Canadians’ social media data, the Department of National Defence evidently continued its efforts by funding private sector development of new ways to analyze social media data.
18 January 2023   (CBC)
Trofim Modlyi, a 19-year-old Russian, has been granted refugee status after receiving a conscription notice while visiting his sister in Alberta. “I no longer need to worry about going back . . . and take part in this war” he says.
18 January 2023   (CP)
After meeting today in Kyiv with her Ukrainian counterpart, Defence Minister Anita Anand announced that Canada is sending 200 Roshel Senator emergency response vehicles to Ukraine. They are being purchased for $90 million from their Toronto-area manufacturer which had shipped eight to Ukraine last year.
17 January 2023   (Globe & Mail)
Grygorii Tsekhmistrenko, a retired Canadian Armed Forces combat medic, died while fighting Russian forces in eastern Ukraine January 15. He is the third Canadian volunteer killed in battle since the invasion began last February.
17 January 2023   (EuroNews)
As the Canadian military plans to resume weapons testing in an area off the southern tip of Vancouver Island after a three-year hiatus, British research shows increased ambient noise levels are forcing dolphins to “shout” to hear each other. Also, the European Commission has found that underwater noise levels have doubled every decade in the last 60 years, mainly due to increased shipping.
16 January 2023   (National Post)
The intricacies of global supply chains are underscored by the discovery that some Iranian drones used by Russia against Ukraine are powered by Rotax engines akin to those used in snowmobiles. They are manufactured by an Austrian subsidiary of Quebec-based Bombardier Recreational Products, which was spun off from Bombardier Incorporated in 2003 but BRP says the engines were not sold by any authorized distributors and has referred the issue to authorities.
16 January 2023   (CP)
A 2021 security pact between Australia, Britain and the U.S. evidently has raised concerns that Canada, by exclusion, won’t have access to some emerging defence technologies. The “AUKUS” treaty was designed to counter China’s growing military presence in the Indo-Pacific region but Vice-Admiral Bob Auchterlonie, head of Canadian Joint Operations Command says there are “conversations we need to be in on.”
16 January 2023   (CP)
Any repercussions against federal employees refusing to return to their offices after working from home during the pandemic will be on a case-by-case basis, says Treasury Board President Mona Fortier. She announced last month that all departments must bring workers back to the office at least two to three times a week by the end of March but there has been pushback by public service unions.