31 January 2019   (National Post)
Canada’s top soldier says he kept no records of discussions he had with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other senior political officials after he moved to suspend Vice-Admiral Mark Norman from duty.
30 January 2019   (Globe and Mail)
United States intelligence officials and politicians are escalating their fight against Chinese espionage in the wake of two wide-ranging indictments of Huawei Technologies Co. and they’re calling for American allies to join the battle.
30 January 2019   (National Post)
Scott Brison, the veteran Nova Scotia MP and former Treasury Board president who resigned from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet earlier this month, has brought his own lawyer to a hearing in Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s criminal case in a bid to protect his privacy and his reputation.
30 January 2019   (National Post )
The Boss. MN3. C34. The Kraken. Those are some of the “codenames” that officials at the Department of National Defence used to refer to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman in internal communications, a court heard as the suspended military officer’s pre-trial resumed Tuesday.
29 January 2019   (Global News)
The Canadian Forces‘ top judge is set to be tried in a court martial this spring that will be overseen by his own deputy, in a case that is shaping up as a test for the military’s judicial system.
29 January 2019   (CBC)
About 20 Canadian Armed Forces members suffered frostbite, and some required hospitalization, following a military training session near Petawawa, Ont., held earlier this month in extremely cold weather.
29 January 2019   (National Post)
Incidents such as the alleged attempt to withhold records in the VAdm Mark Norman case and another where senior military officers are accused of hiding documents requested under the law are simply mistakes and should not be seen as an indictment of Canadian Forces or Defence department values, those organizations say.
29 January 2019   (Montréal Gazette)
It’s a doomsday 1969 game: Cities will be vaporized and millions will be annihilated unless you act fast to stop it all. That is the premise behind an escape room game now being developed inside a decommissioned nuclear fallout shelter an hour’s drive north of Halifax in the rural community of Debert.
28 January 2019   (Ottawa Citizen)
The news that senior officers at National Defence headquarters are hiding documents requested under the Access to Information law is like a journey into the past for journalists who have covered the Canadian Forces over the decades, says veteran defence writer David Pugliese.
28 January 2019   (CBC)
Coalition warplanes will no longer turn to the Canadian military for mid-air fill ups over Iraq and Syria. The CAF is bringing home its Polaris air-to-air refuelling plane, closing to one of Canada's longest contributions to the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.