21 January 2019   (Ottawa Citizen)
The judge in the Mark Norman case believed there was a need to protect a witness from reprisals from federal officials and those at National Defence headquarters. To do that, the judge ordered a publication ban so the name of the military witness – for now anyways ‐ would not be revealed publicly.
21 January 2019   (National Post)
Taxpayers are on the hook for potentially tens of millions of dollars after federal bureaucrats bungled the purchase of trucks for the Canadian Forces and now must make good on the lost profits for a U.S. firm.
18 January 2019   (Ottawa Citizen)
Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Toronto will leave Saturday morning to join Op REASSURANCE in the Mediterranean Sea. The operation is part of Canada’s support to NATO assurance measures in Europe.
18 January 2019   (National Newswatch)
America's allies will have to pay their share of a new missile-detection system, U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday. That likely includes Canada, which might also be forced to reconsider its decision to stay out of an American-led effort to shoot down incoming attacks.
18 January 2019   (National Post)
Canada’s top military officer admits there has been slower progress than expected to get more women into the CAF. General Jonathan Vance says he's committed to his goal of having 25 per cent of military personnel be women by 2026.
17 January 2019   (National Post)
Despite being warned what they were doing was potentially illegal and punishable by imprisonment, top military officers failed to disclose important documents under the Access to Information law, the National Post can reveal. Details of the incident emerged shortly after a court heard about alleged attempts by officers to hide records needed by Vice Admiral Mark Norman.
17 January 2019   (CBC)
A proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed against the federal government over the $165-million accounting blunder by Veterans Affairs Canada, according to CBC News. The court action, which has yet to be certified, was filed on Tuesday by former soldier Dennis Manuge, who successfully took DND to court a few years ago over the clawback of military pensions.
17 January 2019   (National Post)
Canada’s top military officer is expected to take the stand later this month in a pre-trial hearing for VAdm Mark Norman. Norman’s lawyer, Marie Henein, said Gen. Jonathan Vance was subpoenaed by Norman’s legal team and is scheduled to testify at the end of January.
16 January 2019   (CBC)
Nine DND employees were involved in Friday's horrific bus crash on Ottawa's Transitway, the department confirmed Tuesday. There were four Canadian Armed Forces members and five civilians involved in the collision at Westboro station.
16 January 2019   (CBC)
A Quebec-based business association claiming to represent over 1,000 companies inside and outside the province is launching a high-profile campaign to convince the Liberal government to reopen the oft-maligned National Shipbuilding Strategy.