15 October 2015
Student groups across Canada are urging candidates to address Canada’s flagging space sector. Eleven student organizations, from British Columbia to Quebec, have endorsed a call to action by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space in Canada (SEDS-CAN) that explains how Canada’s space sector is dismally unable to meet the needs of Canadian students.
21 August 2015   (FrontLine News)
After nearly 13 years Francis Bleeker has left Colt Canada to accept a new position in the defence industry in the UAE, to begin in September 2015.
10 August 2015   (National Post)
The Liberals and the NDP would fight insurgents overseas by doing little more than “dropping aid on dead people,” Stephen Harper said Monday as he reinforced the Conservative party’s tough-on-terror strategy.
7 August 2015   (The Guardian)
22 June 2015
More than 80 officers of the Canadian Armed Forces this week completed Exercise FINAL DRIVE, a 10-day exercise at Canadian Forces Base Kingston that is the culmination of the six-month Army Operations Course.
19 June 2015
Defence Minister Jason Kenney today announced his support for the proposed relocation of Nova Scotia’s Waterville airport, in the Municipality of the County of Kings, to Royal Canadian Air Force 14 Wing Greenwood. The move is expected to create new jobs in the region.
19 June 2015
The Canadian Armed Forces is a major step closer to operating a new world-class maritime helicopter fleet with the official acceptance of six CH-148 Cyclones. Defence Minister Jason Kenney joined Public Works and Government Services Minister Diane Finley, as well as Regional Minister for Nova Scotia and Justice Minister Peter MacKay, at 12 Wing Shearwater today to mark this important milestone. The six helicopters were accepted as per the schedule set out in January 2014, and have the operational capability to allow the Forces to begin retiring the Sea Kings.
25 May 2015   (CTV News)
An educator who was asked to give presentations on sexual harassment says she was subjected to a hostile environment of cat calls and rape jokes by RMC cadets in the audience, all of whom were ordered to attend the October 2014 presentations. It reportedly took five months of discussion before an official apology, acknowledging the cadets' unprofessional behaviour, was sent by the commandant, BGen Meinzinger. Click here for the video interview.
6 February 2015   (National Post)
The Harper government struck a provocative pose Thursday, telling Russia to “back off” in Ukraine, promising to campaign for NATO membership on behalf of another former Soviet republic and urging all allies to do more.