22 November 2018
The RCAF fighter community is facing a personnel shortage and, although DND is aggressively moving to address the issue, Auditor General Michael Ferguson is not optimistic.
22 November 2018
Following the tabling of the Auditor General’s report on Canada’s fighter force, the defence minister has issued a statement saying that his department and the Canadian Armed Forces are taking several steps to address both the report’s recommendations, and concerns around Operation Honour.
19 November 2018   (National Post)
With a federal election less than a year away, Canada’s defence minister is warning voters they will be targeted by online cyber-attacks and fake news as Russia steps up its efforts to undermine western democracies.
15 November 2018
Canada will be hosting NATO's 64th Annual Session of the Parliamentary Assembly from 16-19 November 2018 at the Halifax Convention Centre. Parliamentarians from the 29 NATO member countries will debate and adopt resolutions on the High North, hybrid warfare, burden sharing, deterrence, trade, energy, the South, defence innovation, and Russian election meddling.
14 November 2018   (National Post)
Three used icebreakers for the Canadian Coast Guard will cost 30 per cent more than the federal government previously said – an increase that officials have blamed on tariffs and fees, but one expert says is proof of a lack of planning.
8 November 2018
Global Affairs Canada (GAC) will be launching an online consultation portal to seek industry views on how it conducts its assessment of export permits. The focus will inform the assessment of risks and implications of proposed exports with respect to human rights, Canada’s foreign and defence policy and national security considerations.
2 November 2018   (Ottawa Citizen)
A member of Canada’s special forces has been charged with trafficking stolen goods and theft after generators, gun parts, and clothing owned by the military was taken and some sold on-line.
27 October 2018
Embodying the spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and determination, Team Canada won two silver and four bronze medals over the course of the week-long Invictus Games competition. The closing ceremony today officially wraps up the 2018 Games.
21 October 2018
True story: it takes about 39 govt workers and 300 emails to buy a few TVs for ISED.
5 October 2018
The Research Center For Islamic History, Art and Culture and the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ottawa will be hosting the IRCICA Calligraphy Exhibition and the talk: “The Wandering Calligrapher & Architect Sinan's Epitaph: Isfahan, New York, Toledo, Mumbai, Istanbul.” by Prof. H. Masud Taj on 13 October 2018.