15 August 2023   (Globe & Mail)
Three weeks into her new role as Treasury Board President, Anita Anand has given her cabinet colleagues until October 2 to come up with ways to shave $15 billion from their current spending plans.
15 August 2023   (CP)
Canadian Armed Forces personnel and equipment were mobilized today to help the Northwest Territories’ response wildfires threatening several communities, including the capital. The City of Yellowknife declared a state of local emergency late August 14.
14 August 2023   (CP)
The civil trial of Vice-Admiral Haydn Edmundson on sexual assault charges was delayed today when the Ontario Superior Court judge was not able to preside. Formerly the head of Canadian Armed Forces personnel command, Edmundson has pleaded not guilty to charges of indecency and assault in an incident that allegedly happened in 1991.
14 August 2023   (CP)
Twelve years after Canada’s combat mission in Afghanistan ended and two years since the U.S. left the Taliban in power, Afghan women are seeking Canadian help in resisting legitimacy for the terrorists while protecting human rights.
9 August 2023   (Ottawa Citizen)
Propeller damage, structural cracks and corrosion are limiting operations of the nearly 30-year-old RCN frigate HMCS Winnipeg, based at Esquimalt, B.C. A DND spokesman says the issues would be dealt with next year, when the ship, built by Saint John Shipbuilding and commissioned in December 1994, is scheduled for repairs.
9 August 2023   (CBC)
The Public Health Agency of Canada expects that a new coronavirus subvariant, EG.5, could be a factor in more than a third of Covid-19 cases. The incidence has been rising in some parts of the world, including in Canada since at least May.
9 August 2023   (CBC)
Vice-Admiral Haydn Edmundson, former head of Military Personnel Command, pleaded not guilty in Ottawa August 8 to charges of sexual assault and indecency dating to November 1991. He opted for trial by judge only in the Ontario Court of Justice.
8 August 2023   (CP)
A perceived lack of clarity about Conservative Party foreign policy has some foreign ambassadors looking for clues as Pierre Poilievre offers few hints about how he might approach the world stage. One lobbyist says the Conservative Leader “is trying to establish his domestic economic narrative and leaving heavy lifting on the foreign-policy side to others” in his caucus.
3 August 2023   (Globe & Mail)
The federal government’s secrecy about its contracting processes is said to undermine public trust and makes it harder for innovative companies to compete. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce says companies seeking to do business with government need to know “that decisions are being made without bias, undue influence or, in the worst cases, malfeasance” and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for full disclosure of contract details.
3 August 2023   (Ottawa Citizen)
Nearly $3.5 million in performance bonuses paid to 252 civilian Department of National Defence personnel in fiscal 2021-2022, including one of $101,000, are being questioned by retired Colonel Michel Drapeau, who now practises law in Ottawa. “You have someone that was supposedly so good at their job that they were worth an extra $100,000?” he commented after receiving a response to an Access to Information request which did not identify the recipients. “Let’s hear all about their deeds.”