12 May 2023   (BBC)
Reuben Brigety, the U.S. ambassador to South Africa, has “apologized unreservedly” for claiming that the country exported weapons to Russia, the host foreign ministry said today. Brigety said on social media that he was “grateful for the opportunity to […] correct any misimpressions left by my public remarks” which prompted President Cyril Ramaphosa to order a judicial inquiry.
12 May 2023   (BBC)
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s military is “ready” to mount an anticipated counteroffensive against Russian forces, but it’s still awaiting more promised armoured vehicles and other materiel before pulling the trigger. “We can go forward and, I think, be successful […] but we’d lose a lot of lot of people,” he said May 11. “That's unacceptable, so we need to wait.”
12 May 2023   (Defense News)
As Turkey prepares for presidential and parliamentary elections May 14, the NATO member’s indigenous defence industry has taken centre stage in a polarized campaign. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the islamist incumbent, hoping to capitalize on the industry’s impact on a fragile economy, has accused opponents of planning to undo two decades of nationalization.
11 May 2023   (BBC)
Accusations by the U.S. ambassador that South Africa has supplied arms to Russia despite its professed neutrality in the war in Ukraine have prompted an inquiry headed by a retired judge. Reuben Brigety said a Russian ship was loaded with weapons and ammunition in Cape Town last December and while President Cyril Ramaphosa’s confirmed the inquiry, it says Brigety offered no evidence to support his claim.
11 May 2023   (Defense News)
The CEO of Turkish Aerospace Industries expects the unit cost of the country’s homegrown TF-X Kaan (Ruler) fighter “could be a little bit higher” than the $US100 million he estimated a year ago. Temel Kotin offered no explanation for the change. The aircraft’s maiden flight is currently scheduled for 2026.
11 May 2023   (CBC)
Russia’s two-year term as Arctic Council chair ended today, leaving the body’s role for international collaboration in doubt. Now chaired by Norway, Russia’s leadership waned as the seven other Arctic states suspended cooperation when it invaded Ukraine. “It leaves the concept somewhat in tatters,” a U.S. analyst says. “Russia makes up about half the Arctic. You can't really have an Arctic Council without Russia.”
10 May 2023   (CNN)
Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi confirmed today that Japan is in talks to open Asia’s first NATO liaison office. He cited Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year as an event with repercussions far beyond Europe’s borders that forced Japan to rethink regional security.
10 May 2023   (Breaking Defense)
The United Arab Emirates has cancelled a nearly €800-million contract to buy 12 Airbus H225 Caracal multirole helicopters. “The company lacked the serious motivation to respond to our demands in order to meet the pressing requirements of the government,” a UAE official explained. “Failure to achieve in-country value goals was another factor.”
10 May 2023   (Breaking Defense)
A new Australian budget tabled today includes nearly AU$52.6 billion or 2.04 per cent of GDP in defence spending designed to enhance defence of Australia’s interests in the Indo-Pacific theatre. U.S. munitions, including long-range missiles, figure prominently in the government’s five-year plan.
10 May 2023   (CP)
Defence Minister Anita Anand announced today that Canadian and Latvian personnel will begin training Ukrainian soldiers in Latvia this month tghrough Operational Unifier. She also said that she and her vising Latvian counterpart, Artis Pabriks, discussed plans to surge a CAF-led battle group to NATO brigade status.