20 November 2019   (Air Force Magazine)
Even though the Bell-Boeing CV-22 Osprey is relatively new to U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, a successor platform is already being considered. Its director of strategic plans, programs and requirements admits that the tilt-rotor has enhanced how special operations are mounted, he would like to see more cargo-carrying capacity, higher speed and stealthier capability.
20 November 2019   (BBC)
Israeli says its continued missile strikes into Syria are in response to rocket attacks by an Iranian unit in the Damascus area. Syria officials say two civilians died and its air defences shot down most of the Israeli missiles. Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes in Syria since civil war erupted in 2011, saying it is trying counter Iran's “military entrenchment” and block shipments of Iranian weapons to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon.
20 November 2019   (CBC)
In a significant departure from years of abstention, Canada voted Nov. 19 in favour of a United Nations resolution which supports Palestinians' right to self-determination. The initiative was opposed by the U.S. and Israel as well as three small Pacific island nations dependent on U.S. support. A Global Affairs Canada official says the Canadian vote is a message that it Canada disagrees with the Nov. 18 announcement by Washington that Israeli settlements in the contested West Bank are not “per se” inconsistent with international law.
19 November 2019   (Yahoo)
Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says more U.S. patrols in the South China Sea are proof of his country’s determination to maintain freedom in a region crucial for global trade. He told reporters the U.S. “rejects attempts by any nation to use coercion or intimidation to advance international interests at the expense of others.” A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman countered by accusing the U.S. of having long sought to “fan the flames” in the region.
19 November 2019   (Huffington Post)
Amid widespread discussion about NATO’s long-term viability, Prime Minister Trudeau and key ministers are preparing to attend 70th anniversary celebrations in London next month. Robert Baines, president of the NATO Association of Canada, credits the alliance with having maintained decades of relative peace and security. While concerned about its future and the implications for Canada, he says Trudeau could play the “Canadian archetype of the peacemaker and the bridge-builder” between the U.S. and Europe.
19 November 2019   (Defense News)
A widely-anticipated U.S. Air Force contract for military space launches has been successfully challenged by Blue Origin – set up by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos – before a contract has even been issued. The Government Accountability Organization upheld the challenge to how the USAF had structured the contract which is expected to lead to the selection of two launch-providers next year.
19 November 2019   (United Press International)
Lockheed Martin has received a sole-source $3.3 billion contract for operations, logistics and support of three U.S. Air Force six-satellite constellations. The Canadian Armed Forces and its British and Dutch counterparts also use data from the satellites. LM has been the preferred contractor on the programs since 2009.
19 November 2019   (Reuters)
A former U.S. Marine who holds Canadian, British and Irish passports in addition to his U.S. documentation, remains in custody in Russia on espionage charges. A court has rejected Paul Whelan’s appeal of the extension of his detention until late December. Detained 11 months, he says he was set up for political reasons.
19 November 2019   (Defense News)
While it continues to learn from its experience with the Lockheed Martin F-35, the U.S. Air Force ism’t ready to commit to a next-generation fighter design. LGen David Nahom, USAF deputy chief of staff for plans and programs, points out that ongoing F-35 deliveries and the still relatively young LM F-22 Raptor fleet means “we’re not in a hurry.”
19 November 2019   (Foreign Policy)
The U.S. Department of Defense evidently is considering mothballing 21 of its 35 Northgrop Grumman RA-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial systems as part of a shift toward other capabilities. The proposal has been submitted to the Office of the Secretary of Defense for review.