17 November 2023   (Defense News)
Complaints by EU officials earlier this week that their industries had fallen short on munitions for Ukraine have been rebuffed by the Aerospace, Security & Defence Industries Association of Europe. “The double challenge for industry today – after decades-long underinvestment and the subsequent reduction of manufacturing capacities – is to ramp up production both to support Ukraine and to replenish and reinforce the stocks of armed forces in Europe (ammunition is only one element),” it said. “It is a complex process that requires meticulous long-term planning.”
17 November 2023   (efense News)
The Netherlands’ defence ministry announced today that it will make €2 billion available for military aid to Ukraine in 2024 to bolster its air defences and address its needs for ammunition and maintenance of materiel it has already delivered. “We are determined to continue our support for Ukraine, now and in the future,” said Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren. Earlier this week, his German counterpart, Boris Pistorius, confirmed plans to boost support for Ukraine.
17 November 2023   (AP)
An F-16 training hub using Dutch aircraft and Lockheed Martin instructors and maintainers is operational at Fetesti in southeastern Romania for pilots from allied countries and other partners, including Ukraine. Romania’s defence ministry says interoperability will better position NATO “to face the complex challenges” in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region.
17 November 2023   (Breaking Defense)
latest annual audit despite arguments that it has made annual incremental progress. “Auditing the department’s $3.8 trillion in assets and $4.0 trillion in liabilities is a massive undertaking,” the department’s chief financial officer said November 15. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and National Security Agency were among the failures.
17 November 2023   (TASS)
A roughly 25% increase in the Russian budget for the next three years, approved by its lower parliamentary body, includes record outlays for defence spending in 2024. “We have managed to adopt a budget that will not only allocate the necessary funds for our country's defence but which will also provide all the required funds to guarantee the state's social obligations,” Alexander Zhukof, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, said November 15.
16 November 2023   (CBC)
The first of five used Kuwaiti Airbus A-330-200s, purchased for RCAF VIP and other transport roles last year and rebadged as a CC-330 Husky, completed the first leg of its inaugural mission November 15. Officially designated Airbus 02, it carried Prime Minister Trudeau and his entourage to San Francisco for the latest Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.
16 November 2023   (AP)
The UN Security Council adopted its first resolution November 16 since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, calling for “urgent and extended humanitarian pauses” in Gaza to address the escalating crisis for Palestinians. Israel immediately rejected the resolution which had 12-0 support on the UNSC with the U.S., Britain and Russia abstaining.
16 November 2023   (Daily Mail/BBC)
While he was still a Colonel in 2011, British Royal Marines General Gwyn Jenkins, now Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, was told about “summary executions of supposed Taliban affiliates” by Special Air Services operators in Afghanistan. While Jenkins was not identified during court hearings, the BBC reported November 15 that rather than refer the evidence to military police, he secreted it in a classified dossier after briefing his direct superior, the head of special forces who then commissioned an SAS officer to review the issue
16 November 2023   (Defense News)
European Union officials have acknowledged that several states have not fulfilled a commitment to send Ukraine a million rounds of ammunition because their suppliers have prioritized exports rather than increase output. “The one million will not be reached […] unfortunately” German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said November 14, adding that he was warned some time ago that there could be problems.
16 November 2023   (Defense News)
MBDA, the French-based multinational missile manufacturer, has resumed production of Cold War-era PanzerAbwehrRichtMine anti-tank munitions after Germany ordered thousands to replace stocks delivered to Ukraine at a cost of €68 million. “PARM will help Germany, as well as other nations, develop and expand their area-denial capabilities,” the company says.