6 March 2019
Today, major powers openly challenge the rules-based international order and seek to promote a world divided into spheres of influence. Climate change is becoming an existential threat while cyberspace and disinformation campaigns have become the new weapons. Unity is the key to success as we face these challenges.
6 March 2019   (
A Cyclone helicopter damaged during a "hard landing" on Asterix,  the Canadian naval supply ship, has been repaired and tests are being conducted. Asterix and HMCS Regina were operating in the Pacific at the time of the incident, and were diverted to Guam so repairs could be made to the helicopter.
6 March 2019   (
President Vladimir Putin urged Russia’s top domestic security agency on Wednesday to tighten its protection of information related to new weapons and other sensitive data. In a speech to the FSB, Putin said foreign spies have intensified their efforts to get access to Russia’s secrets.
6 March 2019   (National Post)
Adding another strange wrinkle to Canada-China relations, a Chinese official who oversaw research on his country’s burgeoning naval-submarine fleet has been placed under arrest in China and accused of illegally obtaining Canadian citizenship.
5 March 2019   (Global News)
Saudi Arabia expects Canada to go ahead with a $15-billion arms deal that would see armoured vehicles sold to the kingdom, its minister of state for foreign affairs said Monday. However, Global Affairs Canada is saying that “no final decision is being made.”
4 March 2019   (Global News)
South Korea and the U.S. are eliminating their massive springtime military drills and replacing them with smaller exercises as part of efforts to support diplomacy aimed at resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis.
4 March 2019   (The Jerusalem Post)
Canada’s Armed Forces are in Lebanon training troops in basic winter warfare which will allow them to better protect their borders. The training is aimed to help the Lebanese Armed Forces improve their basic military capabilities such as patrolling, skiing and mountaineering, tying knots and ascending and rappelling.
28 February 2019   (The Guardian)
The British armed forces should stop recruiting children and raise the age at which people can join to 18, health experts have said. The UK is the only permanent member of the UN security council to allow 16-year-olds into the army and is alone in the practice among European countries.
28 February 2019   (CTV News)
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is urging India and Pakistan to “exercise maximum restraint” as tensions over the disputed Kashmir region mount. Freeland issued a statement Wednesday afternoon calling on both countries to “avoid any further military escalation” following Pakistan’s shooting down of two Indian military aircraft in response to Indian airstrikes.
28 February 2019   (Defense News)
An international research laboratory to push naval and maritime innovation in Australia is to be founded in Adelaide by France’s Naval Group and the key French national science research organization CNRS together with 14 Australian companies, universities, R&D institutes and various government bodies.