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New Commander for HMCS Regina

In a press release today, DND and the Canadian Pacific Fleet Commander, Cmdre David Mazure, announced a change of command earlier than had been planned:

“Today, Commodore (Cmdre) David Mazur, Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific, has relieved Lieutenant-Commander (LCdr) David Dallin, the Commanding Officer of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Regina of his duties. The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) has lost confidence in LCdr Dallin’s judgment as a result of an incident that recently took place on another vessel during a naval training exercise.

“While the incident remains under investigation, it involved inappropriate conduct.

“The RCN expects all its members to exercise institutionally appropriate judgement at all times, especially when in clear leadership or command roles.

“Commander (Cdr) Meghan Coates has now assumed command of HMCS Regina. This change of command had been planned for later in the summer, and has no impact on the ship’s program.

“LCdr Dallin will serve in other roles within Maritime Forces Pacific at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt until the conclusion of the investigation. Procedural fairness remains a priority and is respected throughout all Canadian Armed Forces investigations and administrative processes.”

Commodore David Mazur,
Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific