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CAF donates equipment to Lebanon

DND announced today that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) held a ceremony in Beirut last month for a Canadian donation of $6.5 million in non-lethal equipment to the LAF.

Equipment donated included snowshoes, trekking poles, snowmobiles, first aid kits, utility task vehicles, explosive ordnance disposal equipment and solar panels. This equipment will support the LAF and is in addition to the training that the CAF has provided throughout the year, including training in combat first aid, civil-military co-operation, and winter warfare techniques.

Since 2016, the Canadian Training and Assistance Team – Lebanon (CTAT-L) has provided specialized equipment donations to the LAF and trained over 2,000 LAF personnel as part of its enduring mission to contribute to security and stability in the region, under the mandate of Operation (Op) IMPACT.

Attending the donation ceremony were: Stefanie McCollum, Canadian Ambassador to the Lebanese Republic; Colonel Jay Lachine, Deputy Commander of Op IMPACT; Brigadier-General Hassan Jounieh, LAF Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations; and several other senior CAF and LAF officers and non-commissioned officers.

"This donation ceremony demonstrates the clear commitment of the CAF to contribute to security and stability in the Middle East," said Colonel Lachine. "We will continue this support by maintaining our presence in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. The main goal of Op IMPACT is to build the capacity of local partner forces. This donated equipment will certainly aid the LAF to secure their borders and contribute to regional stability."

Op IMPACT is part of Canada’s whole-of-government approach to the Middle East and is the CAF mission to build the military capabilities of Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, and set the conditions for their long-term success. It began as the CAF support to the Global Coalition to degrade and ultimately defeat Daesh in Iraq and Syria. The coalition has been effective. Under the command of Brigadier-General Wade Rutland, Op IMPACT, on behalf of the CAF, is continuing to work with partners in the region to set the conditions for stability and security.

The Government of Canada has extended Op IMPACT until March 31, 2025. This extension will allow the CAF to continue to play an important role in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait alongside its Allies and partners.

The CAF has begun a planned consolidation and adjustment of its personnel footprint in the Middle East. Canada will continue to fulfill its existing commitments under the authorities granted in Op IMPACT.

As part of Op IMPACT, CTAT-L leads Canada’s military capacity-building with the LAF. This enhances security and stability in the region by supporting the LAF’s requests for trainers, advisors and mentors for key capabilities such as operations in winter and mountainous conditions as well as life-saving military first aid.