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UPDATE to DND senior appointments, promotions

After distinguished service to Canada, Lieutenant-General P.F. Wynnyk, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, will retire from service on 9 August, resulting in the following promotions and appointments:

  • Lieutenant-General J.M. Lanthier will be appointed Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, replacing LGen P.F. Wynnyk.
  • Lieutenant-General W.D. Eyre will be appointed Commander Canadian Army, replacing Lieutenant-General J.M. Lanthier.
  • Rear-Admiral H.C. Edmundson will be promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral and will be appointed Commander Military Personnel Command, replacing Lieutenant-General W.D. Eyre. 
  • Major-General S.J.R. Whelan will be appointed Deputy Commander Military Personnel Command, replacing Rear-Admiral H.C. Edmundson.
  • Brigadier-General J.R.M. Gagné will be promoted to Major-General and will be appointed Chief Military Personnel Strategic Programs, replacing Major-General S.J.R. Whelan.
  • Colonel F.G. Carpentier will be promoted acting while so employed to the rank of Brigadier-General and appointed as Commander 2 Canadian Division and Joint Task Force (East), in Montreal QC, replacing Brigadier-General M.A.J. Carignan.

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