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Marijuana simulation kits urgently needed by DND

The Canadian Forces Health Services Group, has a requirement to procure 26 Marijuana Simulation Kits to "raise awareness of marijuana impairment, reduce risk of marijuana impairment, and promote healthy lifestyles within the Canadian Armed Forces," states a new tender posted on 9 Feb 2018.

In a similar fashion to “Alcohol Goggles,” marijuana impairment goggles are expected to be included in the simulation kits to allow users to experience, first-hand, the deficits that marijuana creates on the body.

Increasingly being used in driver education courses, alcohol googles – such as Drunk Busters or Fatal Vision that simulate the effects of alcohol impairment – are being used worldwide to alert students to the potential dangers of alcohol impairment while driving.

According to the notice, the Marijuana Simulation Kits must be delivered very soon – "by April 30, 2018, or as soon as possible." The Contract will be in effect until to March 31, 2022.

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