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New CAF policy allows promotion for ill, injured members

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who have medical conditions and are up for potential promotion, no longer have to feel that they need to choose between the two. Ill and injured members can now be promoted while undergoing medical care.
In the past, ill and injured members may not have sought the care they needed, to avoid an impact on their career. With this positive shift, if a CAF member has a condition that is preventing them from achieving fitness or training promotion prerequisites, they can be promoted in an acting capacity with no time pressure for meeting these conditions. Once their medical treatment has been completed, a member can be fully promoted to their new position.
 “When you’ve earned your promotion, it shouldn’t be denied to you just because you’re treating a medical condition," said General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff. "For too long, people have avoided seeking help for fear of professional implications. We need people who can reach their full potential now and in the future. Get the help you need: your promotion will not suffer.”
In recognition of the talents and dedication of ill and injured CAF members, as well as their expected future contributions, a CAF member’s posting and appointment to the next rank will take into account his or her employment and deployment limitations. The CAF encourages those in need of medical care to take advantage of resources available, without stigma or worry of possible impacts on career advancement.
 “This is a significant change for the CAF," said Colonel Rakesh Jetly, Mental Health Advisor, Canadian Forces Health Services. "Our hope is that it will encourage members to get the support they need right away, allowing them to focus on both their health and career.”
The removal of medical health from promotion criteria, demonstrates one of the ways the CAF is working to improve how administration and support is provided to our members and their families.