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Sajjan announces extension of anti-ISIS mission

The Government of Canada remains strongly committed to defeating Da’esh and responding to the needs of people who have been displaced or devastated by war in Iraq, Syria, and the region. 

Today, Defence Minister Sajjan announced that the Government of Canada is extending Canada’s current military contribution to the fight against Da’esh until June 30, 2017. 

This extension provides the Government of Canada the time required to assess the evolving nature of the fight while allowing the Canadian Armed Forces to maintain their important contributions to ongoing operations as a responsible coalition partner. 

The scope and mission of Canada’s military contribution will remain the same over the next three months, with a few adjustments.  As a result of recent successes in the campaign, some elements of the Canadian Special Operations Task Force have recently been operating in Eastern Mosul, providing advice and assistance to Iraqi Security Forces.  There has been no change to their mandate or to the parameters of their mission.  Canadian troops remain behind the forward line of troops, and are providing advice and assistance to Iraqi Forces. 

Canada has implemented a comprehensive and integrated approach to do its part in defeating Da’esh, restore basic government services in Iraq, and enable citizens to return to their homes in newly-liberated areas. 

Canadians will be regularly updated as this mission continues to evolve.