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Babcock Canada to replace HF Monitor Receiver systems at DND facilities

Babcock Canada Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $1.6 million contract for the replacement of High Frequency (HF) Monitor Receiver Systems at select Department of National Defence (DND) facilities.

The work to be performed consists of the replacement of legacy HF Monitor Receiver systems at six DND stations and two support facilities across Canada. These receiver systems are in place to guard and monitor various key HF frequencies that are used for aircraft radio communications, namely in support of search and rescue operations, arctic patrol and global transport flights. In addition to equipment modernization, Babcock Canada will also deliver associated console operator and technician training for the new systems. The contract is scheduled to be completed by July 31st, 2016.

Babcock has over 70 years of experience in managing communications systems, specialising in delivering high frequency military communication solutions for international armed forces and NATO. Babcock's innovative technical solutions are at the forefront of new technology across the radio frequency (RF) spectrum, from very low frequency (VLF) to super high frequency (SHF).

Mark Dixon, President of Babcock Canada commented: "We are very pleased to have been awarded this contract to deliver modernised HF Monitor Receiver systems and user training for Canada and look forward to leveraging our global expertise in HF communications to support the needs of the Canadian Armed Forces."