31 May 2023
Defence Minister Anand used a keynote speech today at the opening of CANSEC, the Canadian Association of Defence & Security Industries trade show in Ottawa, to underscore the importance of supply chains as the government modernizes the Canadian Armed Forces. Industry notes procurement is a 2-way collaboration requiring trust.
31 May 2023
Defence Minister Anita Anand has announced a commitment by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to ensuring that First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples are able to provide input on defence issues.
30 May 2023
The Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence issued the following statement today related to the One-Year Anniversary of the Independent External Comprehensive Review on sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces.
25 May 2023
As Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine hits the 15-month mark, Canada and its allies continue to support Ukrainian forces with additional training and weaponry ahead of an anticipated spring counteroffensive against the invaders.
24 May 2023
An intergovernmental committee set up in 2018 continues to make headway in tackling the many challenges facing Canadian Armed Forces personnel and their families who historically face frequent posting changes across country.
22 May 2023
A formation of six Royal Canadian Air Force tactical helicopters will be transiting through western and central Canada between Monday, May 22 and Friday, May 26.
19 May 2023
The first report by the government's External Monitor on misconduct and abuse within the Department of National defence and the Canadian Armed Forces has been delivered at what could be consider "lightspeed" within most bureaucracies.
16 May 2023
DND announced today that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) held a ceremony in Beirut last month for a Canadian donation of $6.5 million in non-lethal equipment to the LAF.
12 May 2023   (KEN POLE)
The Department of National Defence is increasing its 24/7 emergency contacts service for uniformed and civilian employees who have been sexually assaulted. In announcing the upgrade, which includes some backdated financial help for legal costs, the Canadian Armed Forces' Chief of Professional Conduct and Culture also acknowledged that alcohol abuse is a frequent factor in assault and other misconduct.
15 March 2023
Royal Canadian Air Force crews and personnel from 407 Long Range Patrol Squadron and 19 Wing Comox will participate in the multinational anti-submarine Exercise Sea Dragon at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam from March 15 to March 30. Participating nations will be competing to wrest the coveted ‘Dragon Belt’ from 2-time consecutive winner – the RCAF.
15 March 2023
Veterans Ombud, retired Colonel Nishika Jardine, will be in Nova Scotia the week of March 20 to meet with the Veterans community. The visit includes town halls in Liverpool on March 22, and Dartmouth on March 23, as well as meetings with a broad range of stakeholders in the Halifax Regional Municipality.
16 February 2023
In response to Haiti’s request for assistance, Canada is deploying two Kingston-class ships to Haiti as violence continues to escalate and hamper any progress in the country.
15 February 2023   (KEN POLE)
With imaginations running wild over the four objects sighted over North American airspace, it is likely that a new definition of UFO and new technology, such as sensors that can detect low profile and low heat signatures, will be required to spot and neutralize future Unauthorized Flying Objects (UFOs).
31 January 2023
One hundred years ago today, the Government of Canada authorized the organization of the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve. Since then, the Naval Reserve has played a critical role in Canada’s safety and security. Today's modern Naval Reserve includes some 4,100 members across Canada.
26 January 2023   (KEN POLE)
Speculation ended today when Defence Minister Anita Anand confirmed that four of the Canadian Army’s 82 “combat ready” main battle tanks will be sent to Ukraine “in the coming weeks” to support an expected spring counter-offensive against a renewed push in Russia’s brutal invasion. Training by Canadian Army personnel will take place in an unspecified “third country.” 
26 January 2023
Defence Minister Anita Anand has just announced that, within the next few weeks, Canada will begin to supply Ukraine with four Leopard 2 battle tanks, training and sustainment.
20 January 2023
Today, Defence Minister Anita Anand and Chief of the Defence Staff, General Wayne Eyre, participated in the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG) meeting at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.
15 December 2022   (KEN POLE)
Louise Arbour, former Supreme Court of Canada judge and chief prosecutor for high-profile International Criminal Court cases, is openly skeptical about the military’s willingness or ability to implement the culture change required to make the military a "safe place" for all members.
13 December 2022   (KEN POLE)
The federal government announced today that its approach to the ongoing challenge of sexual assault in the Canadian Armed Forces will begin at ground level – at Canada’s two military colleges where Defence Minister Anita Anand says there is a “well-documented” entrenched problem.
5 December 2022
HMCS Vancouver and Winnipeg have returned to their home port of CFB Esquimalt, after successfully completing their deployments. On hand for the return from the three-month multinational tour that included Operation Neon to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea, Minister Anand highlighted the government’s commitment to spending $493 million to strengthen Canada’s growing role in the Indo-Pacific region.