3 April 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces have released a free e-book edition of Canada and the Battle of Vimy Ridge about the historic battle and those who fought.
31 March 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Defence Minister Sajjan today announced that the government is extending Canada’s current military contribution to the fight against Da’esh until June 30, 2017. The extension gives the Government time to assess the evolving nature of the fight while allowing the CAF to maintain their contributions to ongoing coalition operations.
27 March 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The Department of National Defence’s Airworthiness Investigative Authority has issued a report on the double ejection of pilots from a Harvard II aircraft, which subsequently crashed near 15 Wing Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on 27 January 2017.
15 March 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The RCN enrolled the first recruit via the Expedited Reserve Enrolment process last night at a ceremony at HMCS Donnacona, Montreal’s Naval Reserve Division.
15 March 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Negotiations are underway between proponents of 26 projects and the Department of National Defence to make Canada and Canadians safer.
13 March 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The budget for the Department of National Defence in fiscal year 2015/16 was $18.66 billion, 0.9 per cent of Canada's GDP, falling short of the NATO target of two percent of GDP. Canada is short-changing itself in relation to its NATO allies because Canada does not include all of the things that some other nations include in the calculation of their defence budget submissions.
13 March 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Captain Matthew Clark, Commanding Officer and Director of Music for the Royal Canadian Air Force Band, was formally inducted into the prestigious American Bandmasters Association.
9 March 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Victims of a grenade explosion at the CFB Valcartier cadet camp in 1974 heard from Defence Minister Sajjan today that a comprehensive program of financial recognition and health care support has been initiated.
3 March 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The Canadian Armed Forces have set an important precedent with the development of a doctrine to specifically address the unique challenges faced by military members confronted by child soldiers while deployed on operations.
28 February 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan today commented on the design and engineering contract award to Seaspan Shipyards in Vancouver for the Royal Canadian Navy's new joint support ship. "Today’s announcement brings us one step closer to ready, reliable, independent access to supplies, wherever our vessels are in the world," he said.
27 February 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
A ceremony marking the transition from Rotation 6 to Rotation 7 as Major Jesse van Eijk assumed command of the Operation Reassurance Land Task Force (LTF) from Major Lonnie Campbell took place on February 25.
24 February 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The annual surveillance and control operation in the High Arctic takes place this year in Resolute Bay and Hall Beach, Nunavut, from February 23 to March 10, 2017 which will host about 200 Canadian Armed Forces members.
23 February 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Register now, as prices go up on March 31st, don’t miss your chance to join this year for the 10th anniversary.
17 February 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Defence Minister Sajjan responded to questions arising from U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis’ warning that Washington is prepared to reduce its NATO commitments unless other countries increase theirs.
7 February 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The Canadian Armed Forces is looking to refresh the current fleet of "Heavy Equipment", which dates from the 1980s and 1990s.
30 January 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have medical conditions and are up for potential promotion, no longer have to feel that they need to choose between the two. Ill and injured members can now be promoted while undergoing medical care.
26 January 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
Close to 1300 Canadian Armed Forces personnel will participate in Exercise UNIFIED RESOLVE 2017, the Canadian Army’s largest and most complex computer-assisted training exercise of the year. The exercise will take place in Kingston, Ontario, from January 28 to February 10, 2017.
16 January 2017   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The country's top military commander, Gen. Jonathan Vance, ordered the temporary removal of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman from the position of Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff this morning, without explanation to the press. The Commander of the Navy, Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, will step in as interim VCDS. The Globe and Mail suggest alleged leaks of secret documents are the cause of this situation.
8 December 2016   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The Government of Canada has selected the Airbus C295W aircraft for its Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue Program. The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will receive 16 C295Ws modified for Search and Rescue (SAR). The contract will also include in service support, provided through a joint venture between Airbus Defence and Space and PAL Aerospace.
11 October 2016   (FRONTLINE NEWS)
The Canadian Armed Forces’ Judge Advocate General (JAG) is launching consultations with Canadians as part of the ongoing comprehensive review of the court martial system.