3 December 2015

Russia, France, Belgium, Turkey ... strategic reset in the fight against ISIS is shaping the future.

2 December 2015   (KEN POLE)

The new Liberal administration is moving quickly on its campaign promise to have an open competition to replace the RCAF's aging fighter fleet.

30 November 2015

Key people were in Ottawa to discuss climate change, security and defence last week – but the security sector was noticeably absent.

28 November 2015

At first, I thought the government was going to be tone-deaf to the entreaties of the military, of pundits, and premiers that the refugee airlift to Canada needed to be slowed down...

27 November 2015   (ROBBIN LAIRD)

Recently, SLD published an article on the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian aircraft. A former USAF pilot commented.

20 November 2015   (ROBBIN LAIRD)

When analysts and intelligence experts were highlighting the warming sun of the Arab Spring, there was much hope: democracy was in the air and many believed the gap between Islam and the West might be closing.

20 November 2015   (CASEY BRUNELLE)

The recent Paris attacks reminds the world once again of the very real and evolving threat of militant extremism both at home and abroad.

19 November 2015

“IS” cannot be defeated as long as it controls territory that can produce large revenue and serve as base for operations – it has the Iraqi-Syrian desert that is providing them with some $1.5m per day worth of oil, in addition to ransom, an endless supply of archeological items and a few million Islamic tax (zakat, kharaj, ‘ushr) payers.

16 November 2015   (GEORGE PETROLEKAS)

One month in, we're getting an idea of the new government's decision making; Liberal campaign promises are being tested.

10 November 2015   (SCOTT NEWARK)

The new Government has made it clear that it intends to proceed with its campaign promise to bring 25K Syrian refugees from the war torn region to Canada and that it will try and do so before the end of this year. An ambitious plan but then converting political promise into government action often is.

9 November 2015   (K. JOSEPH SPEARS)

The new Minister of Defence has the respect of Canada’s warriors; bit of a badass in his own right.

6 November 2015   (ROBBIN LAIRD)

Training jumps the concept of interoperability and jumps straight into an unprecedented level of integration.

6 November 2015   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

Rona Ambrose has been chosen by her fellow party members as the interim leader of the new Conservative party. Ambrose, a very experienced Minister who held the portfolios of Environment, Public Works, and Health during her time in the Conservative Cabinet, was at times impeded by an Opposition that often opposed for the sake of being combative...

4 November 2015   (KEN POLE)

The new ministers of National Defence and Veterans Affairs offer a potential message of cautious optimism to the military community.

21 October 2015   (KEN POLE)

The new Liberal government-in-waiting in Ottawa evidently is about to call “eject, eject, eject” on the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

19 October 2015   (K. JOSEPH SPEARS)

The sinking of the Newfoundland Fishing Vessel Atlantic Charger raised questions like “where was the damn chopper” regarding Canada’s Arctic search and rescue capability.

30 September 2015   (GEORGE PETROLEKAS)

The Munk Debate on Monday was by far the best debate so far in this campaign. It was civil, generally not a cacophony, and Canadians could hear leaders positions on a variety of themes – well articulated and without interruption.  We are better for that, and congratulations to Munk and Rudyard Griffiths for that success.  

18 September 2015   (GEORGE PETROLEKAS)

Both opposition leaders speak of evidence-based policy,but they should refrain from fallling into the trap of emotions-based policy.

18 September 2015   (KEN POLE)

There’s a body of opinion which holds that retired military officers should eschew politics, that lending their names and/or ranks to a political campaign is a form of prostitution, and that using their experience and leadership skills in the civilian world is somehow "wrong".

18 September 2015   (GEORGE PETROLEKAS)

It is 39 days into Canada's federal campaign, and there's a sense of "enough already"… at least the daily dose of the economy.  We know now the details of each leader's priorities with respect to balanced budgets, spending and deficits. We have a pretty good idea of how the economy would grow under the three differing options . There's enough information to make choices on that front. Enough already.