6 February 2019   (KEN POLE)

Public Safety Minister Goodale says Canadians captured while fighting alongside terrorist groups in Syria will have to assume responsibility for their own decisions.

5 February 2019   (KEN POLE)

A new U.S. report indicates that the effects of climate change should be considered an issue of national security with potential impacts on DoD missions and military installations around the world over the next two decades.

5 February 2019

An ambitious proposal to enhance the Canada's electronic warfare capabilities moved a step closer with the publication of a Letter of Interest to prospective suppliers.

4 February 2019   (KEN POLE)

Prime Minister Trudeau made it clear today that he is unwilling to be drawn into debate over foreign military intervention in Venezuela after President Donald Trump had indicated that “all options” were on the U.S. table. 

2 February 2019   (KEN POLE)

Announcement confirms that Romania will take over from Canada on the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali (MINUSMA) in July 2019.

2 February 2019   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

The Prime Minister's most trusted political advisor, a friend of many years, surprisingly resigned on Monday, setting off a maelstrom of speculation as to the depths of possible legal interference from high levels of the Trudeau government related to the SNC-Lavalin case.

20 January 2019   (KEN POLE)

Despite the killing of at least 10 peacekeepers from Chad earlier in the day, Canadian personnel and helicopters will remain in Mali to continue their mission to provide secure medevac transport services.

20 December 2018   (KEN POLE)

With Government said to be reviewing the LAV contract, CADSI President says a cancellation “would represent a significant blow to our entire industry, with reverberations across the country.”

11 December 2018   (LOUIS CUPPENS)

The need to procure a replacement for our aging fighter fleet is becoming more dire with each passing year.

1 December 2018   (KEN POLE)

Cybersecurity is expected to be featured prominently in the first annual report from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.

22 November 2018   (KEN POLE)

The RCAF fighter community is facing a personnel shortage and, although DND is aggressively moving to address the issue, Auditor General Michael Ferguson is not optimistic.

6 November 2018   (ANGUS REID POLL)

Nine-in-ten Cdns say ‘no’ to future arms deals with Saudi Arabia but are divided over cancelling the current one.

4 November 2018   (LOUIS CUPPENS)

At ceremonies across the country, we shall soon hear the words from John McCrea’s “In Flanders Fields”. One line has particular meaning for me, and I fear our politicians have broken faith with those who died for freedom.

21 October 2018

True story: it takes about 39 govt workers and 300 emails to buy a few TVs for ISED.

19 October 2018   (LOUIS CUPPENS)

Our government has managed to avoid major issues of security. The duty to protect should be of paramount concern, but seems to be getting scant attention.

8 August 2018   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

It’s summer, and apparently time to consider uniform changes, again.

31 July 2018   (DAVID BERCUSON)

Russia is busy showing off its increasingly powerful Navy but, according to David Bercuson, it is more to create a diversion and to gain diplomatic influence.

15 June 2018   (ANGUS REID POLL)

A recent poll shows 70% of Canadians prefer taking a “hard” approach in trade negotiations with the Trump administration.

11 June 2018   (LOUIS CUPPENS)

Canada's military volunteers deserve recognition for their selfless acts of sacrifice for the good of all Canadians. Nothing less is acceptable. Shame on us for not doing so in a timely manner.

7 June 2018

Google’s decision to withdraw from a US military initiative called Project Maven (for classifying military drone images) came after some 4,000 employees petitioned to ban Google from building “warfare technology”.