22 March 2017   (KEN POLE)

The federal government is ready to hold back some 10 percent of the Department of National Defence’s funding.

27 February 2017

Boeing responds to the open letter from former Air Force Commanders who suggest cheaper alternatives to purchasing new Super Hornets.

27 February 2017   (GUY PARENT)

My goal is to ensure fairness for Veterans. To date, we have made 57 recommendations and, of these, the Government has fully or partially implemented 37, leaving 20 still to be addressed.

23 February 2017

An open letter from former Air Force commanders to the Prime Minister calls for dropping the Super Hornet plan and buy more legacy Hornets instead due to compelling financial considerations.

15 February 2017   (DANNY LAM)

Canada is in default of its treaty obligations under Article 3 of the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty; it is time to examine the cold, hard facts – and make changes.

14 February 2017   (LAURIE HAWN)

I have been very critical of the 100% politically motivated plan to buy 18 “interim” Super Hornets for some time and the story only gets worse. We could fill the fabricated “capability gap” with much cheaper options.

21 December 2016   (CGAI)

Defeating the physical ISIS caliphate is an achievable goal but addresses none of the underlying causes and it would not end the conflicts of the region.

8 December 2016   (GUY PARENT)

I’ve been raising this issue for some time without success. There is an unfairness in the Veteran Health Care Regulations in how VAC reimburses Veterans for their treatment expenses.

29 November 2016   (KEN POLE)

A new report from that Senate Committee on National Security and Defence is proposing to revolutionize peacekeeping.

29 November 2016   (ROBBIN LAIRD)

Several trends are underway at the same time, and they add up to a significant redefinition of the global scene, power and policy priorities.

28 November 2016   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

Since when did it become good form to spit on the coffin of anyone but the most vile among us? Death is an opportunity to focus on the good in someone's life.

17 November 2016   (DANNY LAM)

America is in the early stages of re-imagining a new international order aimed at solving critical new and emerging issues.

4 November 2016   (KEN POLE)

Peacekeepers do more than monitor ceasefires and separate warring parties; they manage conflicts within fragile states and facilitate peacebuilding and development. However, the results of these multi-dimensional missions is mixed.

27 October 2016   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

The Liberals have taken an unprecedented step in its draft RFP for the CSC, specifying that companies (and contractors) interested in bidding on CSC must not engage in advertising their qualifications. 

17 October 2016   (CGAI)

This collection of essays by key experts offers informed advice and suggestions on issues that are the most germane to Canada's defence policy.

17 October 2016   (DANNY LAM)

Rather than an off-the-shelf design, would a clean-sheet Canadian design, with a specialized support vessel, find market success with navies worldwide?

14 October 2016   (ARMY PUBLIC AFFAIRS)

Canadian Army Physiotherapy Officer talks about preventing injuries that tend to occur with operational duties.

30 September 2016   (CGAI)

Has Canada been too closely identified with the political position of the Ukraine government, and too tight with US positions on Ukraine to distinguish itself as a potential honest broker in finding a political/diplomatic solution to the conflict?

16 September 2016   (CASEY BRUNELLE)

From all facets across the political spectrum, Donald Trump has been described as both the best and worst thing to happen to U.S. politics.

14 September 2016

Canadian Junior Ranger lessons include map and compass use, learning first aid skills, marksmanship training, search and rescue scenarios, and other important community services.