24 July 2017   (DANNY LAM)

The U.S. Navy has decided it needs 20 new missile-guided ships, with first delivery in 2024. Canada has been toying with the idea of a new Surface Combatant for years now, with very little progress (hoped for delivery starting 2026). Will the IP requirements of one project impact the other?

14 July 2017   (BRETT BOUDREAU)

Rather than encourage accountability, accumulated flaws of the antiquated Access to Information Act (ATI Act) serve to shield against transparency within the bureaucracy of government.

11 July 2017   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

A new Angus Reid poll shows that 71% of Canadians feel Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the wrong choice in awarding an out of court settlement of $10.5 million to Omar Khadr. The question is: who is the PM representing?

10 July 2017   (TIM DUNNE)

Does poor judgement require strong punishment or does it create a teaching opportunity that offers life-long benefit?

7 July 2017   (COLIN ROBERTSON)

Vice-President and Fellow Colin Robertson provides the historical and political background to the G20, and explains why this meeting is so important to world affairs and our own economy.

4 July 2017   (DAVID BERCUSON)

By putting "people" first, the new Defence Policy is a clearer statement of priorities than we have seen in many years. Short on who, what, where, when, why and how, the rest of the report is weak, says David Bercuson.

22 June 2017   (BLAIR GILMORE)

Three recent news items relate to Trudeau’s intent to send troops on a UN peacekeeping mission. Is the government hedging its bets?

20 June 2017   (K. JOSEPH SPEARS)

Corporal Lionel Desmond served his country proudly, and for that, Canada is grateful – but the national commitment does not end with a medical discharge, and must not end at his death.

20 June 2017   (TIM DUNNE)

The tragic case of Corporal Lionel Desmond has created a call to action for a joint federal-provincial inquiry. Canada must work harder to make sure that our brave warriors don't fall through the cracks of multiple jurisdictional efforts.

16 June 2017   (BRETT BOUDREAU)

On a list of challenges worthy of Canada's newfound chutzpah, here’s one – the unfinished mission in Afghanistan. Will Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland match the rhetoric with action on NATO's request for non-military assistance in Afghanistan?

12 June 2017   (BLAIR GILMORE)

MP Scott Brison explains how the Liberal’s Strong, Secure, Engaged themed Defence Policy will provide an extra $147 million to Military Family Resources Centers to boost support to military families across the country.

8 June 2017   (CHRIS KILFORD)

It all comes down to funding. As Deputy Director, I was part of the team that worked on the Martin defence policy implementation plan in late 2005, and then we switched to creating the Harper CFDS in early 2006 (it was finally published in 2008).  As you can imagine, I paid close attention to this latest policy effort.

7 June 2017   (KEN POLE)

Announcing the long-awaited Defence Policy, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan stated that the Canadian military would see funding grow by more than $70 billion in 10 years.

6 June 2017   (ANDREW RASIULIS)

A look beyond the tweets to discern the reality of Trump's policies, specifically as they apply to NATO and Eastern Europe.

30 May 2017   (KEN POLE)

Against a global backdrop of decreasing personnel deployments in all kinds of peacekeeping operations, Canada stepped up to the plate again May 29 with a four-year extension of its participation in Operation ARTEMIS counterterrorism and maritime security in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean.

29 May 2017   (DAVID BERCUSON)

The Liberal promise to re-engage Canadian troops in UN peacekeeping ventures seems to have gone the way of most of their defence promises – unfulfilled, delayed or just plain forgotten.

27 May 2017   (K. JOSEPH SPEARS)

With the wide variety of marine activity in the waters around Vancouver and Victoria, it is easy to see why the Canadian Coast Guard decision to cancel its only rescue diving program came as a shock.

26 May 2017   (JOE VARNER)

British police are reportedly desperately searching to find the bomb-making factory, the bomb-maker, and additional members of the ISIS terror cell operating in the United Kingdom in hopes of averting another tragic attack can occur.

24 May 2017   (ROBERT HUEBERT)

A number of scenarios that affect Canada and Russia are converging, and Canada now has its hands full responding to this growing complexity in the relationship, says Rob Huebert.

16 May 2017   (DAVID BERCUSON)

Miniaturization of nuclear weapons and their combination with precision-guided munitions in an attempt to make them “safer” is a most dangerous road, says David Bercuson.