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CHRIS MacLEAN  |  Mar 15, 2008

Many new names have joined the ranks of FrontLine contributors, and I trust you will find these commentaries useful and insightful. Key topics in FrontLine’s pre-CANSEC ’08 edition include:

• Afghanistan & NATO
What has the CF been doing for the past year? In addition to an update, General Rick Hillier ruffled all the usual feathers recently by making every possible effort to direct attention to the need ­protect those we’ve placed in harm’s way (and their families). You be the judge.

Senator Joseph Day, who was recently in Afghanistan with the NATO Defence Committee, discusses his views  on the Manley Report with retired Major-General Clive Addy.

Providing another perspective on the Afghan file, Professor Thomas H. Johnson and Alec E. Metz examine alternatives to address extremism problems in Afghanistan.

Jürgen K.G. Rosenthal, writes on the NATO question from the perspective of the Munich Conference on Security.

• Satellites
An ­exa­min­ation of Space Policy will assess the value of Radarsat-2 to the national plan, says Rob Day. The less cynical among us believe that government did not commit millions of taxpayers’ ­dollars to a project related to national security without retaining intellectual property rights. If the cynics win, options must be considered to resolve the immediate problem, as Joe Spears suggests. When the dust settles, answers to very serious questions will be expected by the populace, and rightly so.

• Modernization
In a run down of the Halifax Class Moderni­zation (HCM) program for our cover story, Jerrod Riley assesses the plans, related challenges, and interviews ­contending team leaders, Tom Digan and Steven Yankowich.

Cdr Larry Trim brings us an informative primer on Naval Task Forces.

K. Joseph Spears vividly highlights the value of the Aurora upgrades.

• What’s Working
Karen Christiuk takes a look at how NORAD celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

The Military Mapping organization has adjusted to stay relevant over the years, WO W.E. Storey explains.

Simulation Training can, and does, save the department a lot of money, Maj Tony Masys et al show us how.

Public Works Minister Michael Fortier, encourages small business.

• What’s Not
You’ll just have to read this month’s “Up for Debate” yourself.
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