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The time is right for the Navy to be optimistic
CHRIS MacLEAN  |  May 15, 2008

I’m sure it didn’t take you long to notice that this edition of FrontLine is almost exclusively dedicated to covering items related to Canada’s Navy. It’s safe to say that, as with almost everything else in the world today, requirements in the maritime environment have undergone significant change. The role of the navy has ebbed with funding reductions and outdated equipment and, more recently, flowed with defence budget increases and capability planning.

The time is right for Canada’s Navy to be optimistic. Careful assessment of the post 9/11 global security environment has uncovered important niche requirements that the navy is perfectly suited to fill. And it appears, from the many and varied reports submitted for this special Navy Report, that the navy has key capabilities and skill sets that the Canadian government will appreciate more and more.

Vice-Admiral Drew Robertson provides a clear overview of the way forward for Canada’s Navy. Following his remarks, we bring you reports from Cdr Hugues Canuel; Cdr Patrick St Denis; LCdr Angus Topshee; Dr Jim Boutilier; LCdr Christopher Robinson; and Cdr Luc Cassivi on work being done in their sector of the world.

Capt(N) K.J. Pickford tells of the planning for Canada’s upcoming Naval Centennial (1910-2010). We also have maritime security-related reports from frequent FrontLine writer, Capt(N) Peter Avis, and new-to-our-pages, Dr Patrick Lennox. An Op Ed article on the perils of partisan ­politics, from Jerrod Riley, wraps up the coverage in our special navy edition.

On the international front, FrontLine correspondent Jürgen Rosenthal’s interview with General Egon Ramms reveals some interesting views from Germany. CWO Mario Ouellet tells us of professional development being done at NATO.  And, back at home, LGen (ret) J.O. Michel Maisonneuve details some of the exciting changes happening in St-Jean.

Caught with our Photoshop Showing
How many of you noticed something “odd” about the cover photo of our last edition? The team at Raytheon Canada noticed it right off, and Michael Pulchny had the temerity to call me on it! It’s true, in order to get more of the ship on the cover, we made a few “adjustments” to the bow. Good eye, Mike!

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